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Methods to make cutscenes

Started by bitterman, May 06, 2021, 08:52:57 AM

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Can you remind me what methods (witch is based on engine or prerendered movies) can be used in IDTech4 to make cutscenes?

And some related question - it is possible to create prerendered movie directly in engine (not in Maya or Blender)?

I remember only something about 'switch to cinematic camera' and 'recordDemo' but not remember any details.

Links to tutorials are heartly appreciated.


The Happy Friar

I thought there were some on moddb & youtube, but looks like they're all gone.  :(
But yeah, you use set influence, changed to a camera, move the camera around, etc.
You could do prerecorded but that would take up more space vs doing in game.  Now instead of recorddemo you could use the windows game recorder or amd/nvidia recorder to make your movies.