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Prey 2006 Remake

Started by Id Tech 4 Spy, November 29, 2023, 09:04:22 PM

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Id Tech 4 Spy

Thermonuclear levels of brain melting.

Whats funny is im about one or two days from being done with the RTX 4090 version. I kind of laughed looking at the competition. Since there isnt any im flipping this one on gumroad soon.

Just a heads up. GTX 1080 support coming soon. I have pushed id tech 4 to the point its starving a RTX 4090 of bandwidth having to hold enormous textures in memory all at one time, almost crashing the damn 4GB x86 address space.

I will be rinse repeating dominating other games shortly after this one. If you want the best retro texture mods in the world im going to be that guy.