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Getting started on a Single Player Mod.

Started by Euden, May 05, 2016, 01:18:41 PM

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So where would I begin? I have experience with C++ so learning how to code wouldn't be an issue. It's where I would begin to make a mod.

I'd like to start simple, a simple level with enemies, locked doors that need keys and perhaps a small bit of story. Nothing too fancy whilst I get used to the engine, all assets will be doom3 not anything added.

So, apart from level editing which I have already followed a few tutorials for, how do I begin making a single player mod?


To begin with the first thing is to create all the folders you'll need to develop
a campaign. as in
created these new folders in your doom 3 base directory
these will be transfered to a mod folder later in a .pk4 to go into your doom 3 folder seperatly.
you'll need to add a few other things as well like a config.spec and a description.txt, but this should get you started.
look at some existing mods to get an idea.

to begin with if you have a map made already(placed in the maps folder) you can start with the mainmenu.gui
transfer a copy into the guis folder and edit that.
you should also put in a intro.gui and a loading.gui in the guis folder as well.


windowDef Desktop
   menugui   1
   rect   0,0,640,480
   visible   1
   matcolor   1,1,1,1
   nocursor   1
   windowDef unnamed
      rect   0,0,100,100
      visible   1

      onTime 100 {
         set "cmd" "startgame";


and the loading.gui
windowDef Desktop
rect 0,0,640,480
background "guis/assets/splash/launch.tga"
matcolor 1,1,1,1
visible 1

for the mainmenu.gui scroll all the way to the bottom to replace the start name of your new map.
where it says "cmd" "startgame name_of_your_map_goes_here" ;(note the space between the names of startgame and mapname)
then when you launch your game it will start there.
ConText editor is good for editing guis and scripts.
let us know how things go and we'll help best we can, welcome to the forums.