Maya Animation with custom rig into game?! **Solved** Maya to blender export md5

Started by arthos, July 13, 2016, 07:12:49 PM

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Hi guys.
I've created a series of custom animations in Maya 2012, using a rig that I built. I want to get them working in game am kinda at a loss as to the best way to do this. Can anyone provide any assistance? Is there a Md5 exporter for Maya 2012? Does anyone know of any workflow that can get this done?

Thank you for the assistance.

You can see some of the animations here:


Try to find old Goliath's tutorial about how to create & anim model for Doom 3 in Maya.

With .ma works some console commands but I don't remember exactly ('export' may be).

Many exporters for idTech placed on katsbits. Also perhaps there is a variant with intermediate formats.


Still cant figure out a solution. Anyone have any ideas this HAS TO BE POSSIBLE!


For future reference I have come up with a workflow to take custom rigged characters with animation from Maya.

This solves the problem of no working md5 import/export plugins for Maya versions 2007+. Blender at the time of this writing does have working md5 import/exporter.

Maya to blender workflow and export:
In Maya Select all pieces of mesh that are bound to bones> select root bone> Export selection, choose DAE_FBX export. Open autodesk FBX Converter 2013.3. import the DAE_FBX file you just exported from Maya, set export destination format as FBX 2013, check imbed media checkbox, FBX Save Mode set to Binary. Click convert. The exported FBX file should now properly import into blender.

This work arround is necessary because at the time of this writing Blender would not accept a DAE file that was exported directly out of Maya. Likewise importing a FBX that was directly exported out of Maya also does not work.

Hope this helps someone.

The Happy Friar

Can May export .bhv motion capture files?  Blender can import them & obj's can be exported with vertex groups.  I'm not seeing it on the autodesk support fileformats page, there could be a plugin.

Also, did you try a simple maya binary file with D3 to see if it does still work with modern maya files?