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The Dark Mod on Greenlight

Started by nbohr1more, February 05, 2017, 11:30:11 PM

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Pigs are flying! We finally did it.

(After much acrimony...) We have finally created a Greenlight page to meet a longstanding community request:

Feel free to visit and vote if you want The Dark Mod to be a permanent resident on the Steam platform.



You guys did well, hope that helps the game grow even more.

edit: changed mod to game, it seams unconsciously even tho i knew it was a game the word mod just gets stuck on our head because of the game name.  :P


It's about time. I recall the talks started a looooong time ago and there were so many against going on Steam.

I see some people expressing negativity on Steam and DarkMod guys swing ban hammer  ::)