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cheats are not working with prey & doom3 latest

Started by grml4d, July 28, 2017, 03:02:10 PM

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with QUAKE4 the cheat notarget makes stroggs not shouting at me.. that is nice to see them all going in the ambush of the first meeting point .
doom3 & prey console says ok but monsters attack me ...
is there a command to display current player position either , or else in console or display  O:-)


A lot of monster encounters are scripted and for these, notarget will have no effect. Only a small number of monsters in DOOM 3, for example, respond to that. The killmonsters command is all you can do but doing so often breaks maps that rely on these scripted events to allow the player to progress (which is a lot of them.) The getviewpos command displays player position in the console.


The Happy Friar

noclip should make noting notice you until you attack it.  You won't trigger anything that would cause a script to happen though.

Not sure about showing your exact XYZ in the console though,  It's doable via some scripting though.


getviewpos is great ...can i have it showing in a corner all time ?
console eats half of screen...
i used noclip [ in the doom3 map with two possible ways...] ...the "bad" is that there are no monster spawned ...
so that is hard to track their position

another question is for lighting : can i increase it in all the map with a parameter or i will have to add lights...
i saw that some targa images are use for lighting . how are they used ?


The textures themselves don't actually provide light as far as I know (TGA is the uncompressed texture and DDS is the compressed version that happen to be under a folder named 'lights' but there are other lights in other folders so it's just them having made a mess with where stuff is.) There will be the actual light positioned in front of the texture that you can see if you enable g_showEntityInfo.

Other than messing with the game's brightness, you can make lights more intense using r_lightScale and a number that all lights are scaled by.

The Happy Friar

Quake 4 uses textures for lighting, doesn't it?  Doom 3/Prey is just point lights with materials (point lights w/materials can do a real good job at faking texture based lighting like used in Quake 1/2/3.)