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Doom3 : The Road Too Hell

Started by grml4d, August 25, 2017, 06:13:10 AM

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i hope you love the title...
i made the first step of my doom3roe monsters remix a la mode Quake4 .. i selected maps and their order ;'] Hurrah  :'( >:D O0

so that means i am searching a tool to edit the changelevel of maps [ without recompiling them ] , i search something like a bspeditor for half-life that allows to only edit the text parts of map having the triggers and other texts...

i want to do that first , so i ll test and work maps to monsters level , while some new members could rework some parts of maps : like the endings or the power of lights for the game to be less darkly than the original or more Quake ..  :o ??? ;)
using editors and recompilations .


I hate to be the stickler but "Too" in your title should be "To" unless you're saying the road has too much Hell.

Great concept by the way. Game sounds interesting.
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thank you for the interest ...
Too is the right word ;']
i mean the road is "too Hell" ... i mixed maps from roe & doom3 ...the result is already very cool
today i downloaded a lot of "hd doom" ...not yours because i was not sure about what files i should get from moddb [ i ll add about it at end ]

i started with the new fhDoom that advises some packs  :"]...that i also downloaded ..
so i put the wulfen_texture_pack_2.0.pk4 High-Res_Pipes_inoffical_wulfen_2.0_update.pk4 in the base folder with www_wulfen_texture_pack_20_fix.pk4 from ...
despite my two rx480...i was having low fps and the feeling i was walking like a pirate with a wood leg..., beside that some part of the floor were totally black...very disappointing ...
i renamed the exe to doom3 , removed textures and had a better fps but still a game not so smooth..with parts only at 30 fps .. with doom bfg i have 60 fps all time , same with doom 1.3.1 .. i also checked Doom 3 BFG UltimateHD v2.1 that can not run under win7...and looks not so so nice under win10...
i also took but it can not run with fhdoom...

i wanted to download perfected doom but there are so many files : i do not know what to take ?
i mean do i need :
Perfected Doom 3/roe version 7 + Perfected Doom 3/roe Texture Pack v3.0 Part 1&2 + Premium Pack Patch v3.4 ?
[that makes a lot of Go]....  [cool]

tonight i plan to get the vkdoom3 ...if he makes a lot more fps...that should help "hd mods"


VGames , i downloaded and played first maps of your perfected doom3 ...i did not saw so much changes...the Mod pack is very nice , i hope mine will be as good ...
for the famous hd pack ...i am quite disappointed : by the result in term of fps...that always go very low..and also by the lack of real change in the game :  a game like Doom 3 BFG UltimateHD v2.1 is even darkest that original doom3... all textures are blurry ...
i think i like the bfg maps for the better lightning , but the source maps were not published ...or they were ?
vkdoom3 is very powerfull for the fps , i tried to use it in crossfire..but it failed ..
that kills me to see "such power" in a zip that is smaller than the vc-runtime it requires to run ...
i tried to play Doom 3 BFG UltimateHD v2.1 using vkdoom3 and that was working a little..i generated all files and will check later .


the vkdoom3 seems to use well the textures of  UltimateHD v2.1 , the mod is cool because of weapons : they are very "powerfull" ...
i was asking me if i ll use files from hd pack , but now i no longer sure it is a good idea , mostly because style is too bloody ...
my project try to be slowly crescendo with "gore"...
may be when my work will be over some will turn it HD...


Instructions for installation are in the description and readme files that come with the downloads. Premium packs are not even made by me. Try to read more and pay attention to the author of each download.

Download this for Doom 3:

Download this for Doom 3 ROE:

Download these for both PD3 and PD3ROE if you want HD textures:

And download this for PD3ROE if you are using the HD texture packs mentioned right above:

And I'm sorry but you're using "too" improperly. It should be "to".
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you mean : to bloody ?
i downloaded all files .. that makes 3.5 Go .. i played the first maps ...
problem is the fps that goes too low with opengl...
while a mix using ultimade 2.10 and vkdoom keeps running at 60 fps... and is very "trashy" when you kill zk-zombies...

here is the mix recipe :
1 : here is the engine that is always at 60 fps :
[ i tried to find if it can use crossfire by changing his name to the same as doom4 vulkan but i did not see the logo]

2 : here is the HD Mod :
it works only under win 10 ...
the first step is to load all doom3 maps once , so all maps-files are generated inside and outside the doom3 bfg folder

3 : then you look in the save game folder and look for the folder made by the mod..and copy back in the @ultimate folder the render prog folder [ i do not know if it is useful ..but in case ]

4 : then you drop the vkDOOM3 and can play [ using the bat method ] under win7 x64 , the gamplay is funny and hd is quite good...

so i think i ll try again the hd packs , when my own project will be near completion ....[8
i ll be able to spot and appreciate the work... as i plan to use models from Q4 & Prey ..i can not go to far in the HD with DOOM3 if others models from others games are not so HD...

by now i learned a lot about scripts...moving them is a very bad idea...

may be you can tell me what is the best way to compile map files ... i used the doomeditor but it had troubles with map hell1 saying there was a memory i used doom3-dmap ..[ but hellhole had some bugs..surely because i did mistakes..] .is there some compilers others than official dmap ?


i found an interesting video :
that shows a lot of your perfected mod ...
i wonder if you can help me...? i am not very good at mapping [mostly because these "hammer editors" are not very easy to handle... they use 2d to create a 3d map ...while i would prefer to navigate in the 3d world with a 360xboxpad to get the right location where i would edit using 2d screens on a multi-display pc...]
i would like to have a map from prey at end ...right after hell of roe , the player would finish in the lostaa map ...
same with monsters...i have no idea yet but i loved what you made with i ll ask you for "help"

i ll play your mod this weekend..