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how i can spawn models in map ?

Started by grml4d, September 08, 2017, 03:27:07 PM

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i want to check if models are looking good and if they are having the right size i would like to spawn them in game...
what are the commands and where i should store files...?

i already tested noesis that is quite good ...but it does not show textures and anims ...
i launched quake4 that has a model viewer [it crashes a lot with win7 x64...[ i plan to reinstall xp to retry it because it seems to load the textures...]] do you know a similar tool that displays well the md5 models and is able to save all files out of the game  :P ?


thank you argoon , it is partly what i need ... ^-^ ,  i also want to spawn models coming from others games than doom3...
like the enormous quake4 network guardian ...


Quote from: grml4d on September 09, 2017, 02:13:42 AM
thank you argoon , it is partly what i need ... ^-^ ,  i also want to spawn models coming from others games than doom3...
like the enormous quake4 network guardian ...

This is actually pretty simple, although I could be wrong. Doom3 had a console command built in (I think it was pre 1.3.1, but could easily be re-implemented) called "spawnfromgame" that took two arguments, the name of the model you wish to spawn and the game. So for example you would type "spawnfromgame skyrim dragon", make sure you do this in one of the hell levels where there is lots of room for the dragon to fly around or else it could glitch. Anyway, the only limitation is that Doom3 will only recognize games up to the year 2145.


at least i try to be cool and give advices.... :o
this place talking about all generations of idtechengine is may be not the right place for a project like mine ?
of course spawning a model from Q4 in DooM3 should be quite impossible ....[for some]...
i still hope some will have the answer

The Happy Friar

I use the "testmodel" command.  It spawns the model in front of you and you can walk around and check how it looks (I use noclip to fly around it & spawn some models in the air).  If the model is a md5mesh you can use "testanim" to play through the animations.

In general, you can only have one testmodel spawned at a time.


testmodel does not work well with me...
i copied&renamed  ccm_ship.md5mesh in a test folder below base [with doom3 & quake4] when i use the command i have the spamming error :
idRenderModelMD5::InstantiateDynamicModel: Null Joints on renderEntity for 'xxx/xxx.md5mesh'
with quake4 error is the same and nothing is displayed with both

i used testmodel with "lwo/cm" files ; with a "unknow model type" & "can 't register model" for the
with half_head.lwo : success... i have a head in colors in quake4 , black in doom with a first warning about loading image with a path [the path in quake where i got files] , second warning about version of : 3 instead of 1..
then a message about loading and a second with its position .

i looked at darkradian forum , there is a topic about editor in beta :

the update is about saving models in lwo/ase format ... i will try to ask if he can add supports full model entities from games , may be in a folder with a folders tree  ; [i registered and validated but i still can write a post there] , the cool thing would be to also save "a.i." files/scripts made for the entity/model  ;']

The Happy Friar

Testmodel uses the modeldef in the entity's def files, not model files.  A working entity requires a modeldef so if the entity works so should testmodel.


i was sure of that ...i had the idea when i saw noesis not showing textures with models...that is something i hope, next darkradiant will be able to handle.. all these files are cool but in the middle of thousands : that is less funny...
i mean i was sure the engine read a file to set texture onto the model...that is like that hl2 do...
i prefer , models having all inside like with hl...

i study the tools in the doom3 ...i hope they ll help me to "debug" last errors...
i tested maps with full doom3 , the one named hell , makes a lot of sound errors when i play it with roe
but none when i play with doom3 ...; as you know the sources , any solutions ?