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help updating sidescroller mod Hardqore2

Started by Revility, November 09, 2018, 07:35:31 AM

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As I wrap up the 2018 update for the Ruiner/Rivensin mod, I'm starting to prep an update for the dhewm3 edition of the side scroller mod hardqore.

The mod lacks a few key features for a side scroller and that is where I'm looking for help finishing up.  If anyone could help out, that would allow me to concentrate on adding more levels, QOL, balances and content which the mod desperately needs.  I'm no coder so it would take way longer than it should to get this stuff implanted fumbling between code and script.

Looking for help adding the following to the mod:
-jump through or around platforms
-better feed back when the player is hit... old school knock back.
-Brief invulnerability after being hit.
-some AI tweaks
-possible controller support in order to remove the need for stuff like joy2key.
-any other features the programmer/scripter feels is worth adding.

It might not sound like much, but when it comes to a sidescroller the changes listed would make a big impact on the experience.  Some it could be done through just script, others might need hard coding.
If interested, just send me a pm here, on the mod db or reply below.  Or if you know how to do one of the listed above and care to show, you could post in this thread.

The gpl souce code is on github:

Hardqore mod db page:

The Happy Friar

moddb page links to github.
I'll have to play the mod again to see what it's like. I haven't played it in a while so I forget if I liked what it did (or not).


updated the link. 
Let me know what you think as we never really received much feedback on the tech demo.  I still feel the mod is a great base for a 2.5 side scroller.  It's just missing a handful of features to get it on track.  The little stuff usually matters when trying to nail down the feel of contra, metroid, castlevania and other nes platformers.


Just an update on this.  Was able to get almost everything above working.  Will have to look at quake4 hardqore's source for how we did jump through platforms.  I'll get the updated gpl source code & build up in the first half of 2019