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Damage blob question

Started by xyzz, April 17, 2019, 03:10:23 AM

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What are the exact parameters that causes screen blurring for a split second in a damage def ? (Screenshot included)

I'd like to have the blurring removed keeping only the screen tilting to directions. I have played with the "blob_" parameters a little but no real change.

Some extra questions

- Do the sound shaders have a parameter to echo the sound?

- I have binded a light to a monster but it won't illuminate the enviroment only the player's viewmodels. Except when it's dead. Then it illuminates everything. Doing it with noshadows works but the monster also seems to cast no shadow. I' tought (and maybe it is) it's because the monster's model stops the light but binding it to different joints did not solve the problem.

EDIT: The blob cvar seems to be dv_time


There's also a cvar called g_doubleVision. Set it to 0.