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Quake 4 SP Machinegun Damage

Started by Badb0y, July 26, 2014, 11:00:17 PM

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the old ucguide wrote about machinegun in singleplayer:

Damage inflicted varies depending on whether targeting exposed flesh or armour.

i tested it in q4, in console with "notarget" and different stroggs, i cant say its true.

- can somebody else test it from me
- was this patched out?
- what is the damage enemy model system in singleplayer, latest patch 1.4.2?
so far i experienced different damage for legs, body, head, and machinegun/railgun zoom

can somebody look it up in the source code for me

Mr A

I'll have to get my copy of Q4 back off a friend to get you all the values. The weapons did do more damage to flesh than metal parts of monsters, I remember that distinctly from playing, and from editing .def files.

I don't think it was patched out. 

I'm not sure about the exact damage modifications for hitting different body parts, but Doom 3 tends to use 1.25x damage scale for headshots for most monsters.  I remember the projectile damage for shooting using a scope was separate from the default value (20 scoped, 12 normal for the MG?), rather than applying a damage scale. 

If you have Q4 installed, you can find all the values yourself by going to Quake 4/base/pack001.pk4


ok ty

for me there are damage differences in four categories. i tested mg on tactical and berzeker with 'notarget' cvar. various g_skill.

headshot with zoom, nearly identical (not so much difference) is headshot without zoom, torso and arms, and legs does the least damage. i hit the flesh but i dont see a difference to metal.

i think i find the script thanks to you, can you help to analyse it? see attachement (cool feature)

Mr A

The .def you linked me was for the Beserker Strogg. 

"damage_scale head" "2"
"damage_scale legs" ".75"
This means the Beserker will take 2x damage to the head, and only 3/4 damage to it's legs. 

The weapon damage and stuff will be located in the machinegun.def
Open pack001.pk4, then it'll be in like, def/weapons/machinegun.def
In this file there will be a value called "damage" which will tell you the exact damage. 

The figures on the link you provided in your original post look correct though.


to my surprise the metal-flesh concept is true!

i dont understand why my past shoot tests didnt show it.

i did the hit table for you and others in english