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Gloss control in interaction.vfp

Started by Zombie, October 08, 2014, 09:21:25 AM

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Damn, you travel a lot :)

Exponent = gloss

Gloss map should change the size of the highlight (chrome would have sharp tiny highlight, stone would have huge "blurred" highlight). Afaik that's the correct way gloss map should be rendered.



Btw, how did you get a  hold of rebb ?


The Happy Friar

Not to derail the topic (neat read, I have no experience so I can't comment beyond in this type of shader work so I can only comment "cool!"), but the forums are self-moderabale.  AKA the person who started the thread can delete others posts in the thread.  Also, since I'm an admin here and nowhere else, I accidently click the "modify" button on many people's posts then realize what I did before I hit "post".  It's right next to "quote" for me.  :p

Also.... all deleted posts/threads aren't REALLY deleted, they're in the "Haunting of Deck 12" forum.  I don't know if the person who deleted it can resurrect it.  zombie, try if you could please.  :)


There doesn't seem to be a restore button :(

But motorsep was kind enough to repost.