Author Topic: [DarkRadiant] Did anyone make a script to convert curves to pipes?  (Read 5405 times)

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Pipes and bars are extremely common in Doom 3 techbase levels, especially safety railings. But working with patches to make increasingly elaborate rails is really time consuming and doesn't need to be. I see that DarkRadiant lets you draw volumeless curves (which are probably used for cutscene cameras), and they look like the perfect candidate to "extrude" into pipe (curved cylinder) patches. I haven't found any native menu option that can do it, and nothing on Google either, so I'm asking: has anyone made a Python script that can do this already?
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most likely the best place to ask that question is the Dark Mod forums, since they'll know more then most people here will:
if they do have that feature that would be pretty cool.  You could always use Blender & make your pipes in low/ase format & import them.