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Haunting of Deck 12 / Re: New Doom (2016) Thread
May 14, 2016, 09:47:14 AM
Lol, and who cares about your statements about netcode?!
There were more modes planned originally, guess some of these were phased out.

id Tech 4 Needs Help / Modernizing DOOM 3
August 14, 2015, 11:27:06 AM
DOOM 3 in it's current state is a mess for most modern computers. It has severe micro-stuttering issues while VSync is on, and is not capable of taking full advantage of modern multi-core processors and GPU features, to my knowledge. And the stretched GUI, Crosshairs and icons are simply unacceptable. Can we, the community to do something to fix these issues? Please don't suggest that I should stick to DOOM 3 BFG. Also, are there legal restrictions in trying to make "The Lost Mission" campaign backward compatible with DOOM 3, as long as no files from the BFG Edition is provided, and the user must own both games in order to extract whatever files required to make the campaign in question to work with DOOM 3?
id Tech 4 Needs Help / Issues with DOOM 3
March 01, 2015, 02:17:18 PM
DOOM 3 at it's current state isn't fully enjoyable. Here's why:

  • The game stutters like crazy regardless of hardware vendors, unless a certain fix is used (getting to that)

  • Using com_fixedtic "1" helps to eliminate the stutters but introduces another problem, whenever the framerate dips below 60, the player's movement becomes sluggish. With mods like Sikkpin's Sikkmod, framerates are bound to take a few dips.

  • Poor widescreen support. The game's widescreen currently has two issues: Stretched GUI plus mouse cursor, not to mention the mainmenu is stretched, and the FOV feels a little awkward. (Compared to BFG Edition)

  • Modern hardwares do not get detected properly, or gets utilized efficiently.

    Is it possible for the community to provide a fix for these issues? Specially since I'm new to modding, and DOOM 3 has better support for modding, I was wondering if the above issues could be resolved, not from a modder's perspective, but from a gamer's perspective as well.
I am using a custom head model for Betruger which seems to be breaking one of the in game cinematic.

See the attachments below.

The image on top shows how the modified head is breaking the cinematic, and the bottom image shows how it's supposed to be like. How can I fix this?

Edit: Custom head model attached for a better analysis. I must mention that the head is from Enhanced Doom3 models mod and the same thing happens with vanilla Doom 3 as well whenever this mod is used. The other cinematics doesn't seem to be affected.

Anyone?  :)
This is a screenshot of the player's shadow from the DOOM 3 BFG Edition:

This is a screenshot of the player's shadow from the original DOOM 3:

So why is the BFG Edition's player shadow missing it's head when being projected? And how can this be fixed?