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Strutt your stuff! / Perception neuron MOCAP
April 28, 2016, 06:29:16 PM
Just got my kit few days ago. I have 11PN package baked at kickstarter and it is working really well.
After animating everything by hand, this is a huge step forward. Also the price is really not that big, so take it into account if you're willing to animate a player for a videogame. Note that only human animation is currently supported.
It has a Unity and UE4 integration, setup is quick and wifi mode makes it a great tool.
I didn't tried it with idtech's MD5 yet, but just ask if you need any info about it

Their webpage is here
Current contest to win some kits is here
id Tech 4 Engine Coding / Rendering Twice
October 30, 2015, 04:05:47 PM
Hi again. I am digging into source a little, was someone able to get double render to work in doom3?
This is to avoid front plane distortions with shader effects on transparent materials (water/heathaze).
Following the tutorial found here, i am getting errors during compilation.
p/s let me know if that would be useful to someone
Calendar Events / 72hs hackathon, day2
November 19, 2014, 12:08:01 PM
72hs hackathon to code you videogame, details on this page
Calendar Events / 72hs hackathon, day3
November 19, 2014, 12:05:11 PM
72hs hackathon to code you videogame, details on this page
Haunting of Deck 12 / 72hs hackathon
November 19, 2014, 12:04:08 PM
72hs hackathon to code you videogame, details on this page
Calendar Events / 72hs hackathon, day1
November 19, 2014, 12:02:55 PM
72hs hackathon to code you videogame, details on this page
Calendar Events / Indies vs pewdiepie
November 17, 2014, 05:03:27 PM
indiesvspewdiepie event is starting this Friday and will run for 72hs.
Our team will try to make an idtech4 based game, sort of impossible i guess. But we will participate anyway, twitter to follow us or maybe even to give us a hand  :P
Hello doom fans!

Since doom3world is dead, i am writing here, just in case someone is doing the same job.
Some time ago, friends and i had decided to rewrite basic doom3 assets and make this work public. The goal is basically to extend this in a bigger way.
Well, the job is nearly done, so if someone is interested in the dark mod (TC of Doom3 ), but with more liberal license, we'll drop everything to SVN before Christmas.

Almost all assets were rewritten, updated links:

Game on indiedb (December 2015 Build)
Game on Gamejolt (December 2015 Build)
Get engine/assets/libs/source (Github sources and assets)

2016 roadmap

Cleanup from legacy Doom3 assets (animation mostly)
Oculus support
DM4 map light and models rework

2015 roadmap

We are now focused at multiplayer, some things i hope we can do this year:

Dpmaster must be reworked to allow registering your server on the net
Waiting for netcode to be rewritten
FX problem at client side
Some dedicated server problems were solved, others are still there
MD5 animations are legacy, need to rewrite those
Oculus DK2 support merge, forum with a howto
Adding coop is not planned, but since is easy to do and also was done before, if i have some AI and monsters i could do it again
Porting everything to BFG sourcecode is a hard task. Last priority right now, but still possible if i have time for that and no feature is lost
Cool project aiming at BFG standalone gamedev can be found on github

Latest gameplay video (July 2015)
id Tech 4 Engine Coding / Network code issues
September 18, 2014, 03:31:32 PM
Hi there!
As i previously posted in dhewm3 github, there is a problem in doom3's netcode.
On client side you just don't see the blood gibs, changes in the invironment, such as broken lamps, FX particles, etc.
Someone was able to solve this issue?