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id Tech 4 Needs Help / Degenerating Health
October 21, 2014, 12:05:23 PM
In Nightmare mode your health degenerates.  How can I implement this?

I noticed there was a "deplete_armor" but no function for health anywhere. 
id Tech 4 Engine Coding / How to compile Doom 3 source
August 12, 2014, 09:49:18 AM
Can any of you guys help me with this? I'm a total noob when it comes to this and it seems a bit complicated from the sources I've found. 

So I'm guessing I need Visual Studio, but I've read some versions don't work and I may have to buy a version to compile it.  I've also read that I'll need the Direct X SDK from June 2010. 

So yeah I'm really clueless.  If anyone could make an idiots guide I would be most grateful =)
id Tech 4 Needs Help / Gib me some help
August 03, 2014, 08:16:27 PM
I'm trying to modify the gibing system in Doom 3, so when a monster gibs, all the chunks stay...
I think I've isolated the relevant code in game\item.cpp

void idMoveableItem::Gib( const idVec3 &dir, const char *damageDefName ) {
// spawn smoke puff
const char *smokeName = spawnArgs.GetString( "smoke_gib" );
if ( *smokeName != '\0' ) {
const idDeclParticle *smoke = static_cast<const idDeclParticle *>( declManager->FindType( DECL_PARTICLE, smokeName ) );
gameLocal.smokeParticles->EmitSmoke( smoke, gameLocal.time, gameLocal.random.CRandomFloat(), renderEntity.origin, renderEntity.axis );
// remove the entity
PostEventMS( &EV_Remove, 0 );

I'm guessing the last line of that deals with them fading, with the number being the delay?

But then I found this code in game\actor.cpp
void idActor::Gib( const idVec3 &dir, const char *damageDefName ) {
// no gibbing in multiplayer - by self damage or by moving objects
if ( gameLocal.isMultiplayer ) {
// only gib once
if ( gibbed ) {
idAFEntity_Gibbable::Gib( dir, damageDefName );
if ( head.GetEntity() ) {
StopSound( SND_CHANNEL_VOICE, false );

void idActor::SpawnGibs( const idVec3 &dir, const char *damageDefName ) {
idAFEntity_Gibbable::SpawnGibs( dir, damageDefName );

Also I noticed the "if ( ( health < -20 )" line in the damage section. 

So yeah, would I just have to alter the PostEventMS in idMoveableItem::Gib to stop gibs fading?
Also how could I implement an alternate gibbing with alternate weapons? So for instance; explosive weapons would leave big chunks of flesh, while a plasma weapon would leave fleshless skeletons.
id Tech 4 Needs Help / All the basics
July 15, 2014, 12:59:12 PM
It seems to me like there's no place where all the basic id Tech 4 modding information is at hand.  I think is currently the most helpful website, and The Dark Mod forums seem the best place for modding tips (though they don't like to talk Doom d= ). 

Personally, aside from noob guides, I'd like some advice on making mods compatible with others, and how this works.  Like I've made a simple mod that makes Doom 3 more classic (weapons and monsters more like in original Doom, corpses and decals stay etc), I'd like to know how I could use this mod with other popular mods (Sikk mod mainly) without causing issues. 

Finally, I tried to make a Combat/Mega Armour.  In the powerups.def  there's the value "type" and it says  "MUST MATCH ONE OF THE DEFINES IN PLAYER.H".  I have no idea what this is hahahaha.

Thanks in advance for any help =)