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id Tech 4 Mods / Doom 3 BFG VR
March 04, 2017, 09:52:44 AM
Pretty interesting:

Now that Rift + Touch costs $600, it's pretty interesting to try Doom 3 in VR

Basically to my understanding blocking volumes can be used as brushes and can be textured now. I haven't watched all video, so I don't know if he explains how to do it exactly.
id Tech 6 General Talk / DOOM 360 deg. panorama
November 04, 2016, 09:56:19 AM
Made this yesterday:

Not stereo, but hoping to get idSoftware to add 360 deg. stereo capture into Photo Mode by showing them mad made panoramas from DOOM :P

P.S. This one is mono, so it can be viewed with Cardboard and any other VR devices.
id Tech 6 SnapMap / Classic Doom in SnapMap
October 27, 2016, 09:41:39 PM
Finally got my Doom updated and tried a few things in SnapMap.

First of course classic Doom campaign. It was pretty cool 2 levels I played :) Not the same as classic of course, but fun nevertheless. I already forgot half of the secrets, but still remembered many :)

Also tried couple of users maps I got linked on Discord's Doom chat. Once was pretty cool, but my PC couldn't handle that many AI at once :( Someone with better PC should have a blast.

Even though Doom doesn't allow you to use your own art assets, there is plenty of stock assets and scripting that allow creation of unique and fun experiences in Doom.
Doom Mods / Doom (4) for Doom mod
October 27, 2016, 09:18:41 AM

Fun, but I'd rather have old pixelated graphics instead of that smudgy butter.
If anyone still cares for MP in DOOM, there is a new DLC

I want those pieces in SnapMap ;)
QuoteCraving classic #DOOM content?
Play levels from the original game's campaign each week in SnapMap, created by @idSoftware

I wonder if they will remake whole Classic Doom or just selected maps
id Tech 6 General Talk / Free update #3 is live !
September 23, 2016, 09:09:04 AM


New Features

  • Deathmatch – New Deathmatch free-for-all multiplayer mode now available
    Private Matches – Players are now able to create their own private matches in multiplayer. When setting up your matches, you can determine the modes, maps, length of play time and other match settings.


Fixes and Optimizations

  • Fixed an issue where exiting a Classic Map would cause the user to freeze on the Main Menu
    Fixed a progression blocking issue when reloading checkpoint in Titan's Realm while picking up yellow skull in crusher room
    Fixed the Summoner and Pinky models not being visible under the Collectibles menu
    Fixed a crash which occurred when reloading Security Switches checkpoint with DOOM Classic Weapon Pose enabled in the VEGA Central Processing
    Fixed cases of the Combat Shotgun Pop Rocket mod not tracking progress towards mastery
    Fixed an issue where dying at the map transition and restarting the map in the next level would put your character in a broken state
    Fixed an issue where turning on the Classic Weapon Pose during a weapon examination cut scene would cause a broken state
    Fixed Remote Detonation mastery not incrementing if the player first uses Stun Bomb on enemy targets
    Fixed an animation issue where the Talisman Guards' legs would not move
    Fixed an issue where Mission Select does not accurately reflect the in-game status of the Dead Man Stalking Challenge in Kadingir Sanctum
    Various instability issues addressed


Fixes and Optimizations

  • Improved general stability
    Undo/Redo no longer causes memory drops
    Anonymous players now are counted correctly in the map play counts
    AI Path Points now work properly when set to Sprint
    Browser sorting and empty browser are improved
    Weapon switch now has proper key bindings
    Empty Containers can now be picked up
    Weapon On Pick Up logic works when set to On Touched
    Clients are now stopped by Player Blocking Volumes
    Locked doors now properly display a "Locked" message
    Skull keys can be added and removed from Inventory
    Added "Manage by AI Conductor" setting to property settings of additional AI
    Ammo gained from picking up weapons works properly in all cases
    Powercore spawns properly when spawned at map start
    Lost Souls work properly with AI Path points
    Give Armor works properly in all conditions
id Tech 6 Modding (general) / Assets extraction
June 15, 2016, 11:05:12 AM
THF linked a tool that extracts assets from DOOM.

I wonder if it's possible to extract textures from it in an editable format (TGA / PNG).
Keep deleting my posts in your thread, devilz. That obviously will help you become an objective moderator. It's a good training.
Since devilz removes my comments (or maybe it was THF) and keeps lying to people about his so called VR experience, I am forced to open this thread.

So, devilz, how can you play Thief 3 in VR, where is no port of it for VR, nor VorpX support for it for DK2/Rift ?!

Streaming (which is what you do with your ancient S5) is not VR. It simply puts you in front of a large screen. There is no 360 deg. environment. It's just same old PC game in front of you on 2D screen. Not to mention latency and ghosting that come with streaming to S5.

And because you are lying, yet again, you removed my question from your thread.

You also can't possibly get VR sickness when streaming, since it's not VR. And if you use your cardboard with S5 for true VR, you get simulation sickness because S5 is not designed for VR. It lacks power, it lacks fast IMUs and it lacks proper display. All of those make your VR experience shit. Get yourself S7 and Gear VR and then you can truly say what makes you puke in VR.
So u can look around with your head and control your weapon position with the mouse? That's kind of how I wanted VR to work with FPS's.
Haunting of Deck 12 / Re: Growing the community
May 25, 2016, 07:14:24 PM
Quote from: motorsep on May 25, 2016, 10:42:15 AM
Plus, you need to save up a lot of cash to convince devilz to release his coop code with improved networking for Doom . But then again, why?! New Doom offers coop capacity out of the box, for only 59 USD vs like $3500+ payout to devilz.

Quit involving/mentioning me in every second thread on these forums while spreading false information, you learn-resistant-goat-mouthed-creep...

There seems to be only one way to communicate/teach this to you...


There you have it. Hopefully someone will find it useful.