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HI My name is Muraqqi

Started by muraqqi, October 17, 2014, 11:09:11 PM

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Hi everyone, my name is Muraqqi. I'm just a newbie in id tech world, but not too newbie about it. But, compared to all of you, all id tech master that have fight long before me in this world, i need to learn more. My first attempt in mapping is at Quake Wars (love that game and still love it until now), i just followed some tutorials about mapping in QW based on Splash Damage wiki and make random maps but never released it because i feel my maps is not good enough.

Nice to meet you guys and i hope this forum will be growing with more information

douglas quaid

You're very welcome mate. I loved Quakewars too, pity nobody plays it anymore. Anyway, have fun mapping/modding. :D
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The Happy Friar

Welcome to the forums!  I still play QuakeWars.  Mostly vs the computer but there is still some fun games out there to be had.


You are welcome. And i am new also.


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