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How to get these games?

Started by Sir Blackington, June 21, 2014, 10:31:27 PM

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Sir Blackington

Anyone know how to get your hands on some of the lesser known idtech 4 games? Its been said for example quake wars needs to be bought second hand now, but what about prey?

The Happy Friar

Doesn't look like it's on Steam, so I'm guessing E-Bay/Amazon.  PC I assume?  If not, Gamestop might have a used copy.

It doesn't require online activation so even if the cd-key isn't good for MP you can still play SP.

Sir Blackington

That's unfortunate. I don't use eBay, was hoping there was some other repuatble online store that would have prey, thanks though friar


Amazon is usually the best place for them, still available here on