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Placing monsters in a map

Started by calan, November 03, 2014, 08:51:50 PM

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I could use a video on basic level editing, and specifically placing/removing/modifying monsters in an existing map.

I'd like to just tweak the existing maps to add as much random "newness" to the game as possible.
Old bastard but kid at heart...


More specifically, I want someone to hold my hand and show me how to:

1. Select an existing monster in a map,
2. click something or change a property, so that he only appears x% of the time
3. drop another type of monster in the same area that shares the path (or create a new one)
4. goto step 1.

Piece of cake right?     :D
Old bastard but kid at heart...

The Happy Friar

It's the same as any other GTK Radiant game.  IE Quake 2, 3 & the like. 

But your step 2 is more complex then just changing a value, you'd have to add the script to do that.


You obviously missed the "I want someone to hold my hand" part.   :D
Old bastard but kid at heart...


Awesome!  Thanks!

That will keep me occupied while I wait on Friar to write that randomizing script for me.  :D
Old bastard but kid at heart...