Working on a Rage total conversion mod (Idtech5) but running into roadblocks

Started by Ehrlia, July 28, 2020, 08:49:35 AM

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 Hey there. I thought the idtech4 forum would be the most appropriate place, especially since my question somewhat relates to something called icedtech. I am working on a Rage total conversion mod. Information can be found here:

Regardless, I've spent a lot of time examining with and working with the toolkit, and have learned a lot about Idtech5. Still, I've run into some problems. One, I have trouble using models from lightwave. While I have successfully gotten a model into idstudio (radiant editor) and built a level and tested it out, most models I create I get an error message that reads:


Rage64.exe @ 0xb81c5983(  ) +  bytes () : ** UNKNOWN **( ** FUNC_PARAM_ERROR ** )

ERROR: Bad texcord on vertex ( pos = 0.420000 0.000000 0.260000, tc = -1.#QNAN0 -1.#QNAN0 ) on surface default in model models/weapons/pistol/pistol_pickup2.lwo

I know that this message is related to the surface in lightwave and it's associated material, but I have no idea why one model creates this error and not another. Other-wise, I have no idea how to associate uvmaps or any other types of maps to the working models.

Last of all, I figured out to replace the weapons and characters, you have to replace files that are stored in an md6 folder with the file extension bm6mesh. I found a plugin that converts FBX to bm6mesh, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to build the source code. It would appear I should use CMAKE and Visual Studio 2019, but regardless, I can't seem to built this:

I know not many people will know what I'm talking about, but for anyone that does, please help!

The Happy Friar

For the specific Maya thing, checking out the id tech 4 discord/ice-tech-development channel ( might be more useful, it's dedicated to discussing it there (channel started for the guy who customized the engine).
For the model, where do you see the error message?  RAGE console?
I don't use Lightwave models because they don't work right from my version of Blender, I use .ase ones.  Hopefully someone else can chime in on the lightwave issue.


Just saw your moddb page... Smh..

You will not be able to do the following:
- Ray tracing
- AI compiling
- Fixing door glitch in toolkit
- Better texture quality
- Flying (as opposed to driving) mode
- New menu and UI
- The ability to program cinematics
- Any other more modern ways to simulate light and shadows

There is no source code available. No one can implement raytracing, better textures, flying, cinematics, light/shadow without source code.

AI compiling is highly unlikely too, because ID has a standalone tool used to build AI nav. Without knowing file formats and inner working of the engine's AI you can't build such tool.

Menu/UI uses Adobe Flash which is scheduled to be killed off soon. You can't replace Flash menu system with nothing else because there is no engine source.

As for: - Jumping (which can be disabled / enabled); player can jump in RAGE.

Your best bet is to stay within the scope if what RAGE's modding toolkit offers and forget about anything that involves AI / rendering / new menus.


I've had a few people who have doubted what I've set out to do.

It's been 2-3 months so far, but.. let's address your concerns.

Ray tracing: Large in scope, but if a programmer or set of programmers set out to create this they could since it appears that much of the engine's rendering code is located in renderprogs.
AI compiling: Someone has already found a work-around. Regardless, there's lots of AI paths that can be created, and you can use points and scripting to create AI paths and barriers.
Check this out:
Fixing door glitch in toolkit: Almost found a work around. There's a function for rotating brushes, and it should be possible to initiate the entity.
Better Texture Quality: Already getting better texture quality for my map than Rage, and am able to generate 12K textures from TGA to a material.
Flying: There are already entities that fly.
Menu: You can also use images in the menu.
The ability to program cinematics: Already possible.

Regardless, we'll see what comes of this, but, seems like most of the above should be possible.


Also, I'm not much of a programmer, and haven't had much luck with CMAKE and Visual Studio 2019 generating the sourcecode for Iced Tech, which was going to be the method to import MD6 meshes and animations.

So I'm working on this myself. At the moment, I've figured out that MD6 files are text files, almost identical to MD5 (MD5 has less vertex columns). So the idea right now is to create a script that will convert the coordinates from MD5 to MD6. Generating terrain is done. Figuring out jobs, quests and npc paths, have a semi-functional rpg town right now..

I'll post more updates.


There is page to download IncrediBuild, so unless you already downloaded it and got the tools, you are pretty much screwed with AI.

You are set to fail (and you surely will, just like a handful of silly modders before you) because you are aiming at doing something usually AAA companies do (and you are using dead tech).

Start small - make a small mod using existing assets. Make a map from scratch, with new AIs. Release it. Then go from there.