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[RELEASED] Quake 4 Mod - False Dawn

Started by bkt, June 30, 2014, 02:49:08 AM

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Hey all,

Just a short thread to point you in the direction of my WIP Released Quake 4 Mod - False Dawn.

If you're interested, check out the mod over at the ModDB page.

Looking forward to sharing some good stuff, very soon!



Post a screenshot in here to entice us the link!


The Happy Friar


IF this map gets released, that'll be 2 decent maps on the forums.

We need some more people making maps!


So... I may have just released this last night :)

Sir Blackington

The Happy Friar

The Happy Friar

Bah!  Turns out I don't have Q4 installed so I'll need to install it!  :p


Change the topic to say released!

Mr A

Looks cool.  I'll really need to get my copy of Q4 back.

Oh and someone on here was asking about the flesh/metal stuff in Q4, you could probably help them out =)


Fantastic mod congrats, i did find the levels a little too dark for my taste, but the rest did make it up for it.


maps too dark could be sikkmod releated. ofc the devs would planned it that way.

as i said in another topic here, False Down and Use Destruction (2008) had the best gameplay for me. i played all fan content which i could get of quake 4. just right now. circa 20 projects, mini mods excluded. and the two offered by far the best thrilling gameplay.   


Argoon and BadB0y, would you guys be able to post screenshots of the mod for me please?  If it's too dark it could be a known ATI issue.