D3 GPL MS Community 2013 Ready to Go Compile + Tools

Started by The Happy Friar, February 27, 2016, 05:06:59 PM

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The Happy Friar

Here's the stock D3 GPL code, all ready to go to compile with MSVC Community 2013.  It will compile the tools for you.  You should just need to unzip to a folder, open the doom.sln & build all. 



i tried to compile but i have a lot of errors ...
when i launch doom3 that starts well but at new game that bugs...with a sort of square in the middle of screen
i use vcpro2013 update 4 .... i am getting update 5..

doom3 has to be updated to 1.31 or an other one version ?

i ll try to clean my windows and doom3


Game must be updated to 1.31 to run on compiled GPL release.

To compile you'll also need MFC and DirectX SDK, and update 5 is required too. Check this out:


You'll find links to required downloads, as well as instructions how to prepare GPL release straight from id's github to compile. If you're still going to use the code provided by The Happy Friar, then you will probably need only downloading required files and updating game.


thank you Snehk
update 5 made it ... i wonder if somebody made the same with bfg...
i tried to compile the ROE dll but that fails...

i looked the source files and saw that some "libraries" can be updated : i uploaded them at this link

the files are jpeg version 9 while doom3 uses 6 , the network engine : curl and the audio ogg & vorbis .
as i start learning programming , i ask for help to update these main elements...
i hope to use the idtech4 for playing hl maps ...  O0 8)


Quote from: grml4d on July 25, 2017, 04:30:24 PM
i looked the source files and saw that some "libraries" can be updated : i uploaded them at this link

the files are jpeg version 9 while doom3 uses 6 , the network engine : curl and the audio ogg & vorbis .
as i start learning programming , i ask for help to update these main elements...

Perhaps checking the implementation in engine and checking sources for libraries would help to see how much needs to be updated. Though someone better at coding would help you better than me.

Quote from: grml4d on July 25, 2017, 04:30:24 PM
i hope to use the idtech4 for playing hl maps ...  O0 8)

You mean Half-Life maps? You can add support for level format, probably easily at that, but there would be several problems. HL levels are compiled into .bsp files, compilers for Half-Life (ZHLT, VHLT) won't give you .proc and .cm required to run the engine on idTech 4. You can try to compile .map file from HL level editors (Sledge, VHE, Worldcraft) with dmap, but I'm not sure if it'd successfully compile. HL level format has numerous cirppling limitations that would make it running on id Tech 4 hard.


half life is born from quake ..i saw a lot of tools or viewer or map maker that handle quake [ 1 or 2] and hl maps..
here is one http://www.gildor.org/en/projects/quake2

i would like to have a stronger system for bots and a lot of effects for weapons , plus a stable engine..
i found an other doom3 source code based on bfg , it has few bugs in the graphic rendering..

so today i had a new idea ;']

i want to reuse monsters and weapons of quake4 , roe and prey in the doom3 story
that should be quite easy for me to edit the entities of map like i did with hl maps..

i want to use the marines to replace models of the uac before the disaster and when the doom is started i think of using the stroggs instead of the zombies .. that will make the game "more firepowered" ;']
same with humans of prey ... prey also has some monsters that can fit well the hell ...quake 4 too..
these days i will replay these games and search for spots where to do changes.. i am already thinking that can make a great game ;']

beside monsters , new weapons...that are cool either ...
i think that should be possible if someone is able to create the dll ...
this forum seems to be the best place for finding ..


Doom 3 engine is too far ahead GoldSource to simply make HL levels playable on it, not that much to gain by doing it either.

Engine is already somewhat stable if you're using one of it's forks. Bots would have to be coded though.

You won't need any coding or dlls to reuse monsters and weapons from quake4 in Doom3 (not sure about Prey), scripting would be enough. You'll have to move all the assets to project's directory and script them into the game or re-script existing entities to use those assets.


Instead of adding HL BSP support, I'd simply recommend converting the map,
HL->Quake3->Doom3. It's fiddly but probably the least amount of headache. It'll get the same job done and will come with all the benefits of working with any engine fork. But good luck on whatever route you take.



MrC : i only have bsp ...
i made two mod using client dlls from opposing-force and svencoop .
the first is a remake of hl extended with xen maps from blueshift and monsters of opposing force , it is single player .

the second is the good old maps of sc 3.0 era... i reworked all of them to remove bugs and added mods i ported like operation black thunder..or adding few maps from azure sheep and decay to the hl story...
i also made an iso with a linux live server... that was ok before these days update...i hope it is still able to run...without any change.. it is perfect for lan with a dedicated server having 4 to 8 Go , there are command lines stored with the use of screen-linux for multi-servers ... mc for browsing and editing files .. i made 3 mapcycles by style but also for the server not to crash because of entities max limit of gold source.. as forum of steam is deleted...there are no more way to get help , advertise and find players ;']   steam-powered but not "every bodies" ....lol



like you say : Snehk , idtech4 is far ahead compared to hl engine...plus with sources... ; i start to learn "programming" ...[ i already tried years ago but was a bit killed by missing libs errors or others updates that make old source code not compiling ... like doom3 sources made with vc10 and not well working with next vc...and later..]

i have not very good knowledge of idtech4 engine ..i hope you and others will help updating and adding things to the project .
by now i will write where and what to modify ... that is the best part ;']

The Happy Friar

There's several Quake 1 & 2 source ports that support HL1 maps (there might be some Q3A ports too).  I think Darkplaces loads Half Life maps, and if it does, then you can make it as good as the Doom 3 engine w/o reworking the D3 engine (maybe even better, DP has more features I think).  :)


thanks for darkplace , Rich Whitehouse gave me this weblink before ... loading is not enough ;']
the thing is monsters and ai... all maps of the two mods use same monsters or so ... i would like to add intelligence to the bots .
so gameplay as sp or coop would be better or at least different from half-life ...that would give a new energy to those 20 years old beats..

beside that , i try something new and i think the forum will be more made for this project ; i want to reuse models from prey and quake4 and insert them in the doom3-roe story .
there are so much materials that i think that can make something BIG and very FRESH ;']
by now i am replaying the games and write ideas...
members of forum will help for adding monsters and scripts , also for programming a dll that fits the "mod"

to bypass the problems of properties rights ; may be to play , it will require to have four serials [may be five if some wolfenstein monsters are used.. the weill world having something like prey world of ancients..] ..
if the result is very good may be we will port it to latest idtech engine ... i hope so  ;D

The Happy Friar

Prey and D3 are almost identical engines & asset setup.  Q4 has different model, coding, scripting, & engine changes.  It shouldn't be overly difficult to get Prey stuff in to D3, Q4's just going to require a lot more work (for example, all AI for Q4 is in the .dll vs scripts for D3/prey).

I wouldn't suggest releasing any mod with mixed assets like that though.  Most likely someone from one of the companies who owns the rights won't be happy.


that explains why cheatcode notarget works with quake4 ...[ http://idtechforums.fuzzylogicinc.com/index.php?topic=568.0 ]
my idea is to use models from quake4 and prey in doom3 ... so that should be simple with adding few scripts ..
while with quake4 that would need to update the engine aka gamex86.dll

these games are all 10 years old or more , so companies should not care so much...by the way , i hope they will like it and want to publish the resulting game ...
i mean who can be a cook if he does not make meals...?
the game industry is somewhat very funny , like the crytek jobs offers ...whatever they are : coding c or d# or soon e-- is mandatory .. that explains why "prey2-17" is half-finished with the missing spirit world...and after 3 or 4 "pre-releases" deleted..


is there somebody able to update the audio subsystem so it would make game playable in 7.1 [without needing a xfi] ...
i bet that should be simple to use only windows subsystem


You might want to use BFG engine instead of old rotten Doom 3 engine.