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Nice PBR opengl tutorial

Started by argoon, March 20, 2017, 09:07:16 PM

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If some day someone wants to implement PBR in idtech 4 here is a tutorial that could help.!PBR/Theory


Albedo vs. diffuse I found to be an interesting observation as to not have as much detail in the texture and use a more plain image, point being to use a simple image over a photo with shadows etc... not sure I completely agree but an interesting point all the same, even with blinn, blinn-phong shading.

QuoteAlbedo: the albedo texture specifies for each texel (texture pixel) the color of the surface or the base reflectivity if that texel is metallic. This is largely similar to what we've been using before as a diffuse texture, but any lighting information is extracted from the texture. Diffuse textures often have slight shadows or darkened crevices inside the image which is something you don't want in an albedo texture; it should only contain the color (or refracted absorption coefficients) of the surface.