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D3BFG Map Question

Started by spamclark15, August 18, 2017, 03:27:13 PM

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Is it possible once the files are extracted out of a RESOURCES file to use the maps in normal DOOM 3? Perhaps someone already tried to do this, but le_hell and le_hell_post of the Lost Mission would be neat to play in normal DOOM 3.


It should be possible, you'll have to change materials those levels use to make them compatible with stock Doom 3, as BFG uses GLSL instead of ARB shaders. If Lost Mission brought new entities like monsters, items or weapons, those should be obviously ported as well (I haven't played it).

The only problem that comes into my head with BFG maps working on stock Doom 3 (and vice versa) is the shader incompatibility.


Some things I have never known before. Until coming to know from all of you


bethesda has killed doom3 and what was left from J O0 Carmack ..  :-X with the bfg release ... they mostly made all files binaries and no longer text readable and recompilable ...
may be there are a bunch of convertors...? but that always gives errors...compared  to sources [ that has some ;']

rage 2 published these days is not using idtech 6 engine.... that will be the same with next doom...and idtech 7 ....
well done ... like disney prefering to store profit with some "war-stars8" next xmas than publishing what should be a masterpiece : avatar2... i home this other john Cameron will change of producer/distributor for avatar 4 &5
disney stinks   >:( :o