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prey & doom3 : same two missing files ..

Started by grml4d, August 19, 2017, 08:24:38 AM

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i saw that in the console these days :

it is a bug i spotted before with the one & only prey... so i reported the bug :    :P
something i found is that you can get the files in the pak000.pk4\glprogs\ of roe [ d3xp folder]

i attach the files


Thanks for the files, but they are not need, they are just simple .txt files, it was shader testing code and so idSoftware removed them because the engine doesn't really use .txt (extension) for anything, it uses .vp/.vfp files for shaders or .cg files in the case of BFG edition, also many warnings on the console are really harmless. :)


Those aren't used in the final game. Generally any message from startup in blue like that can be ignored as real problems will be in yellow or red text.