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Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Started by motorsep, March 27, 2019, 12:22:50 PM

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Finally it's shaping up:,9091,Wolfenstein-Youngblood-Blazkowicz-Toechter-gehen-im-Sommer-auf-Nazijagd,.html

It's cool and all, but I think Machinegames took a wrong turn somewhere with Wolfenstein 2 and id tech 6. Wolf TNO looks so much better IMO, thanks to id tech 5 and art style that works with the engine.

What do you think ?

The Happy Friar

there was a new one?  Never even knew.  :)
Since it's the 80's shouldn't you be playing Commander Keen in an alternate universe, so instead of fighting aliens you're fighting nazi's?  (and the aliens help you!)
I haven't played The Old Blood or TNE, so I can't give a perspective based on those games, but based on the trailer, looks like the game play is similar to Decker & Liz in Bioshock Infinite.  That was my favorite part of that game. 


Normally I would've let these games pass me by, but glowing reviews from gggmanlives and other channels motivated me to try them. I finished The Old Blood first, and I'm now stuck at the final boss of the New Order.

They don't do anything particularly well, except maybe the writing. I usually have little patience with story and dialogue, but these games kept me engaged throughout, and even managed to made me *care* about the wellbeing of some NPC's. The bad guys are suitably ... charismatic as well, if that's the right word? At any rate it made the killing of the sick dog-loving fuck in Old Blood thoroughly satisfactory.

As for gameplay, it pretty much ticks all the boxes too. Quite reminiscent if DOOM in a number of ways, and the Mick Gordon soundtrack helps too, even though the game's subject matter restraints him here to a degree.



Well, I purchased about a decade's worth of single player FPS games the last couple of months, and the bar has been set so high that even virtually flawless, polished-as-fuck games have trouble standing out these days.

Which is the case with the new Wolfenstein games, as far as I'm concerned. I'd be hard pressed to come up with any genuine criticisms - they look and play great, and are definitely worth at least a single playthrough.

... but they don't **excel**.

The Happy Friar

I thought TNO was pretty great.  :)