Quake 4 editor not compatable with Win 10... what can I do to make maps?

Started by DeeP, April 13, 2019, 08:39:14 PM

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The Happy Friar

I just remember a cd-key check for MP.  I don't ever remember having the disc in the drive when I was playing it. :?

The Happy Friar

Yup.  Same with Q3A, only for MP.  Apparently the CD key check was removed from D3 because I can play DM with only copying my folder to another computer.


Probably confused it with Quake 4 then, which requires the CD key even for single player.


Or (if I remember correctly) when it asks for the key you can just press CTRL+~ and do everything from the console. :P  It's already available even while the intro ROQs are playing.