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Doom Eternal at E3

Started by motorsep, June 10, 2019, 12:05:12 AM

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It's on Steam, but not buying it just yet.

I got Doom 2016 the day they removed the DRM, which was 6 months after release, and the game was dirt cheap by then.

As for the trailer, several mixed reactions here. I'm not sure I like the choirs in the music for one, it makes Doom sound like any other high-budget sci-fi/fantasy out there. The voiceover sounds kinda dorky too, doesn't it?

But I'm just being nitpicky here obviously, the game looks absolutely incredible. The previous game is a masterpiece, this looks all set to make it redundant.

The Happy Friar

My first thought was "It's DNF but no voice for Duke!" 

The Happy Friar

haha, awesome!   :cyberdemon:
Still say the trailer has a DNF vibe to it.   :alien: