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id Tech 4 Engine Coding / Re: Doom3BFG and VR
April 03, 2015, 07:35:44 AM
This is great man. I don't know where you get the time to do all of this stuff)...
There was one more thing I was wondering about lately.
Is it possible to make a real-time AO renderer? I mean no textures, no shading, shadows... Nothing... Just AO.
Maybe something like this, although not sure it could be made real-time on current hardware.
I imagine viewing raytraced worlds in VR would create ultra immersion)...
id Tech 4 Engine Coding / Re: Doom3BFG and VR
April 02, 2015, 04:03:53 PM
This is great))). I'm liking it more and more). Anyone tried it? Impressions?)))
id Tech 4 Engine Coding / Doom3BFG and VR
April 02, 2015, 01:17:52 PM
Does Doom3BFG support VR?
The default I guess. I don't know any shadow settings in rbd3bfg, where are they? Some of my textures have scaling of 0.125 (8 pixels per unit, uni-dimensional) if that has anything to do with shadow-map quality.
I don't have peter panning with sh-vols. They're just corrupted, unusable with this type of assets. You can watch the last video to see what I mean.
Peter panning was happening with sh-maps. But with the fix that trebor provided it's almost perfect now.
I've read a bit on sh-vols and sh-maps and made a conclusion that sh-vols are not a good thing at all for a type of scenery I have in mind...
So yeah, sh-maps it is, from now on... Case closed I guess.
Thank you trebor, that helps. I used values of 1 and 1.00044 for a comparison. 1.00044 is almost enough but going any higher makes all geometry black. This is what I could achieve with my assets:
Even at 1.00044 there are some issues.
Still, I'm wondering what's wrong with shadow-volumes. Is it my model or it's the engine itself that can't handle such complexity under given circumstances?
It would be great to have the option of working shadow-volumes.
Hm... Scratch that...
I just tested this same map in vanilla D3 - there are similar bugs with shadow-volumes. I think D3 doesn't like concave/multi-element geometry, as in self-shadowing...
Any thoughts (or facts) on this?
Is there a limit on number of entities per map in D3? I wonder if I could export every wall fragment of that maze as a separate model (or even brush).
Need to do some testing...
There are some shadow bugs with my model. Anyone knows what could be the reason?
It says in console:
WARNING: RB_DrawElementsWithCounters, vertexBuffer == NULL
Ok. It turned out to be a lot easier. Just set com_engineHz to 30 and it's fine. Sort of...
Anyone can point me to the line where the monster is doing think()?
OK, that worked out). 300 zombies - no crashing. And I've got a feeling this engine can handle a LOT more. Now I'm really excited!!! There's great power in this engine!
Thank you veeeeeeery much for your help, sir!!!

There are some other minor issues, but otherwise it looks very promising! Maaaaan, this is great...

In the video you can see there are some performance issues when we deal with such AI numbers. So, if you don't mind, I've got a few more questions on that topic.

1. I'd like to know more about Game frames vs Renderer frames, relations between the two. What is done in G frame (physics, ai...)? Can you adjust how many G frames per second to simulate? How are G and R synced?.
2. AI calculations. Can they be adjusted as well? Like cycles per second or per G or R frame? Maybe AI can be made to think every other frame? How is AI calculation synced with the rest of the engine? Does AAS effect AI performance?
3. Is there a way to see detailed performance information about G frames at run-time? I mean like what makes up the number near G.
4. In performance counters (com_showFps) what is "rs"? Am I correct in thinking G to be Game frame time (ms), RF and RB - renderer Front-End and Back-End? What does GPU number mean and how is it related to actual [renderer FPS] and the [RF+G] number?

One interesting detail by the way: I noticed that even when I have as low fps as 10 my CPU utilization doesn't even reach 45%. It's mostly at 30-40%. But when I pause AI - fps spikes to 60 (my limit) and CPU usage is now like 40-60%, GPU usage is increased as well (more frames to render). This seems to be unbalanced.
(My CPU is i5 2500, GPU GTX660.)

I know I'm asking a lot of questions... If you don't have the time I ABSOLUTELY understand that. If this info is available somewhere on the net a link will do!
Anyway, I'll try to find as much answers on my own as I can.
And yes, I do understand, ofc, that the first place to look for that info is the SRC, but it requires skill and time.
Sorry for spitting out so much at a time, but it's just a lot of new info and a lot of questions, so I'm afraid I'll forget to ask something important...
And once more, thank you for your help!
I uploaded the log but I don't see any useful info there. It stops right on last spawn command.

What lines should I look at in the call stack? We need the last commands executed, right? What is the order of display -  top to bottom or the opposite?

I thought it was RBDoom3BFG_Debug.exe!Mem_Free16(void * ptr) Line 80 C++ so I figured it has smth to do with mem (de)alloc's? Assertion failure from dbgHeap.c also pointed in that direction... But this is my first attempt at debugging ever... So I really barely understand what I'm doing here. I just try to apply basic logic...
So if I'm wrong somewhere (and I'm sure I am) please correct me.
What additional info can I provide?
Sorry for off topic. I started a thread about my spawning issue, maybe some of you guys can look into this? Thanks.

What does unculled mean in context of AI characters? Post in the new thread please.
Hi. When I try to spawn the 68th monster game crashes.
I've compiled the dbg build and made some tests. Here's the info I've got so far:

error screencap and a call stack from VS2013 Community Edition

It looks like the issue is with memory (de)allocation?

Video (first the Release build, then Debug)

Can anyone help me figure this out? Maybe someone can test this?
Hi. Which model formats does the engine support? Is ASE supported?
Also when I try to spawn from console more than ~64 zombie_fat the game crashes. Is there some hardcoded limit?
I'm using a binary from #29.