Problem with OJP (Open Jedi Project) mod in Jedi Academy

Started by bitterman, December 22, 2020, 06:23:11 AM

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As I hope this mod can give a coop mode (when SP maps can be used in multiplayer game to walkthrough for few players).

I have original game "Jedi Academy" (based on idtech3) and OJP mod v1.2 from jkhub (dated ~2012, not 2020), and after launch it just freeze on mod's splash screen. It seems to reaction on Esc and Enter then just close splash screen and exit. Console is not present.

Looks like the mod system in idtech3 is the same as in idtech4, so what can I do to fix it (check for missing assets etc)?

And some related question - how it possible to edit SP map to able to use it for co-op?



QuoteOpenJK uses SDL as a window and input manager. A side effect of this is that on certain international keyboard formats, the original console keybind does not work correctly.

As a workaround, we have implemented SHIFT+ESC as an alternative. On standard keyboard formats, the original ` (~ key) still works - the SHIFT is no longer required for this keybind.

If you don't like this, you can adjust it with the cl_consoleKeys cvar.

OJP used standard expression:

Quotejamp.exe +set fs_game ojpenhanced

Don't understand how this line can give a freeze (and even splash screen - how it possible? as gui like D3?).


In fact I must find a way to debug mod's loading progress.

Usually the loading progress wrote in standard idtech console window.
Also errors and warnings wroted in .log (can't remember it name and location).

The main suspects - missing assets and/or wrong .exe/.dll.

This mod have a support. In French %)
Interesting language. A good reason to learn it.


QuoteTry making sure the game is patched to v1.01.