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The Evil Within

Started by douglas quaid, September 07, 2014, 09:57:59 PM

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this "screenspace reflection" effect picture you posted could be achieved without screen space reflection in D3, as well as the water in the video, unless it's done in several different surfaces at the same time, where then you need something else than what is present in D3.


Quote from: BielBdeLuna on November 08, 2014, 08:50:30 AM
this "screenspace reflection" effect picture you posted could be achieved without screen space reflection in D3, as well as the water in the video, unless it's done in several different surfaces at the same time, where then you need something else than what is present in D3.

In Doom 3 mirrors are performance hungry, and if you have 2 in the same room - the game comes to halt. Screenspace reflections are faster, and you can have many of them in the same scene all over the place.


Btw, I tried The Evil Within myself, since free demo was released.

I am not a big fan of games like that, where you have to crawl around you are very limited with what you can do to the enemies (not to mention it's time consuming type of game), but I kinda liked it. It's not scary like bunch of reviews say (unless playing after smoking pot and in 3D glasses :P ), but it's not too bad, especially outdoors. I like foliage and the atmosphere of abandon'ness.

It runs pretty fast on my rig, that is _old_. I bet AMD owners yet again were in for a surprise :P Nvidia runs everything just fine! I know THF has AMD, I wonder if it runs well for him.

Graphics wise - I think Megatextures are overrated. Especially in The Evil Within. I get RAGE with its vistas, but in games like Wolf TNO and The Evil Within (where everything happens mostly indoors or on limited view distance outdoors) there is no difference between standard approach with decals, and idTech 5 megatextures. Especially if there are good tools to place decals easily.

So it is pretty, a way less blurry than Wolf TNO and runs faster than Wolf TNO. However, idTech 5 has no future in the present, IMO.

The Happy Friar

Quote from: revelator on November 08, 2014, 07:08:56 AM
Still suffers from texture pop in

What drives me nuts about this is that Epic engines (haven't played a Crytec game in a while) do the same thing but I never see it mentioned.  BS: Infinite drove me nuts because it's level of detail was well under Rage and I still had texture pop.  :/

Quote from: motorsep on November 08, 2014, 10:56:17 AM
I know THF has AMD, I wonder if it runs well for him.

didn't know there was a demo until you posted, so I'll give it a shot.  I'm not a fan of these kinds of games either.

EDIT: My CPU could very well be underpowered for this game.  I'm got a Phenom from '08.  :)

Sir Blackington

Totally agree with u friar on the texture pop in on ue3 games. Titles like chivalry, red orchestra, tribes ascend, rise of the triad, hell I could keep going, is VERY apparent but you never hear anyone complaining in those situations. Also play mechwarrior online which is cryengine and do t really remember that being an issue off the top of my head. The changing lod on the terrain surfaces blocking my lasers though...
Also played the alpha of evolved for a very short period of time, texture pop in was fine (ce4 apparently)


I think there is ID Software phobia is going on.. As soon as any idTech 5 game comes out, you can finds threads and threads of bashing for any reason.

On my PC, which is _old_, I don't seem to notice texture pops even in 64bit RAGE. In The Evil Within I didn't even notice pops. Wolf TNO seems to have more texture pop than RAGE does. Still, if one simply plays a game with reasonable setting based on his/her PC power, the pop isn't any worse than in UE3 games.

I think gamers picked ID Software to blame all the issues on, even though issues are common to most of the current gen engines.

Sir Blackington

Admittedly rage did run poorly with lots of pop in on my hd 7770 before I tweaked the crap out of the game. Stick in my weak nvidia 630 and toss on texture transcoding, no tweaks and it ran flawlessly.

Btw how are they doing the texture transcode for this game when using amd cards now? I remember rage pretty well maxing out my cpu struggling to get it done, just now with the evil within, it was asleep and no pop in.

The Happy Friar

AMD Phenom 9600
AMD HD 7850
6 gb RAM
Win 8.1-64

Played part of the first level, no texture popping.  I'm impressed by the visuals on a machine like mine.


Quote from: Sir Blackington on November 08, 2014, 06:04:18 PM
... toss on texture transcoding....

Toss out you mean?

For GPU transcoding to work, you need fast bus, fast RAM and fast CPU

Sir Blackington

I thought that was only if you were going to do it on the cpu. When I enable the option on my nvidia card, isn't it working on the cpu at that point?


QuoteHow GPU Transcoding Works

CUDA is NVIDIA's parallel computing architecture. It enables dramatic increases in computing performance by harnessing the power of the graphics card to perform tasks that would take significantly longer on a CPU. In Rage, id Software uses a compressed texture format to hold tens of gigabytes of assets in 12GB of files in the game's virtualtextures directory. Each time a texture is required in-game it is uncompressed via DXT, a texture compression algorithm originally developed by S3 Graphics, a company known for its Savage GPUs in the late 90s.

As this process requires a significant amount of computational power, and is used every second as the player moves around the world, the CUDA GPU Transcoding feature offloads much of the work from the CPU to ensure that is completed as quickly as possible in an attempt to prevent texture streaming and pop-in issues. As the GPU has to also render the in-game graphics, the CPU is left with 25-40% of the calculations, which as you'll see later can be tweaked to further improve streaming performance.


Sir Blackington

Huh, so I seem to have that wrong, ill have to read more about it on the link you posted, thanks motorsep.

Also, if you tried the demo motor, what kind of vid card did you play it on? You said it ran fine. How much do you think the tight fov is helping the performance?


My rig is:

AMD Phenom X3 2.2Ghz
8Gb of DDR2 RAM (some lower clock rate)
NVidia GF 670GTX 2Gb DDR5 VRAM
WD HDD Black series 7200rpm
Win 7 64bit Pro

Sir Blackington

Wow, real hefty vid card for the cpu there, you find this game runs better then wolf then?


Yep, definitely better. Also, my video card is classified as mid. range nowadays.