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Mars City Security: Taking Doom³ PVE (Coop) and PVP (Deathmatch) multiplayer combat to the next level and beyond

Credits to the amazing Doom3 Community members that make MCS possible

-==November 2019 Public Release==-

Mars City Security Version Build Public Release Download

MCS Windows XP/7/8/10 Installer (950 MB)

MCS Windows XP /7/8/10 & Linux AllOS Installerless Archive (947 MB)

MCS ReadMe.txt


Quick Description:

Taking Doom³ PVE / PVP / PvPvE multiplayer combat to a new level...

Mars City Security version continues where version left off by adding crucial new features such as Windows/Linux online Cross-Platform-Multiplayer PVE/PVP/PvPvE support.

Also the fundamentally vital Multiplayer-Bot-Support has been successfully integrated into the MCS codebase and is compatible with the gametypes "TeamDM", "DemonWars" and the newly implemented "CTF" capture the flag gametype.

Bots can now simply be added by players via server vote. In total 21 playermodels are now select-able to be played as with a wide variety in ethnicity, age and gender.

A great new variety of custom campaign maps and previously unplayable stock campaign maps have been fixed and made available to be played cooperatively across the network/internet.

Over the past years countless QOL Improvements and Bugfixes went into this build and we hope the players will enjoy it at least as much as we did while developing it.
Welcome! / Re: Growing the community
November 08, 2019, 08:52:12 AM
Quote from: motorsep on November 03, 2019, 01:25:41 AM
Quote from: djamelo on November 01, 2019, 12:08:02 PM
... i'm looking at you motorsep ...

Don't look at me, I've released SWF sources with StormEngine 2 looooong time ago, unlike oneofthe8devilz who hasn't released source for his networking code improvements (and will never release it, unless you probably pay him to do so).

I fail to see how djamelo would benefit from me releasing the MCS source in order to create flash based GUIs within Doom3BFG...
And besides that, didn't you already state countless times what an outdated dead-end engine idtech4 is, so why bringing this up in late 2019 for the Nth time ?

Seriously... you need to learn to let go.

Haunting of Deck 12 / Re: Doom 3 Supremacy
June 09, 2019, 09:23:45 AM
It is nice and refreshing to see someone still being so enthusiastic about the idtech4 engines. I definitely am looking forward to playtest whatever you end up cooking.
Strutt your stuff! / Raytracing to the rescue
June 06, 2019, 07:12:40 PM
It looks as if realtime RayTracing might truly be the ultimate solution to resolve the decades long "shadow precision dilemma" battle between Stencil Shadows and ShadowMapping...

Specifically answered, the multiplayer/coop functionality gameplay part of this project is based on and further developed from the MCS codebase.

The J.M.P. van Waveren The DOOM III Network Architecture PDF document was a good place to start getting into the subject when the MCS netcode rewrite was due, so I just linked/mirrored to it once again (may God rest his soul).
Hey bitterman, once all the core Doom3 gameplay mechanics are properly replicating across the network a basic stealth based gameplay is planned to be implemented which will allow players to silently sneak, outmaneuver or stealth kill enemies. This will be realized though modifying the enemy AI's script behavior.
And yet this "ancient tech" is so outdated and so obsolete that it still makes you trash-comment on other people's idtech based threads...

On the other hand maybe I am all you have in your pathetic life and maybe this is why you cling so hard to commenting on whatever I post/release (even after years of abstinence... I am actually just realizing how sick that is :o)

But this is weird and sad at the same time... you're like that fat little kid that no one likes and that simply can't or won't understand that it is unwanted and keeps coming back running no matter how hard you smack it back.... it still keeps coming back with tears in its eyes trying even harder.

You're that fat little kid motorsep and the information that you're unwanted just does not reach your synapses no matter how hard you get smacked across your gob and so you keep coming and coming and coming... Close your eyes motorsep... Close your little tiny fat eyes and see yourself from my point of view... Can you see yourself ?

Don't be that fat little nerdy kid no more motorsep... or go chase someone else that won't reject you like I do...
Quote from: motorsep on April 26, 2019, 07:04:34 PM
No one really cares.. Perhaps people would be more excited for your stuff if you released source code for networking (to be integrated into dhewm3 perhaps).

Well did it ever eventually cross your mind that trolls like you might be partially responsible for the fact that the source code for OpenCoop or MCS are not available to the public ? Over the years where you ran your trolling ignorant mouth eventually ppl got so fed up with you that they simply abandoned places like the id Tech Forums...

I mean look at this place now...

Imagine for a second being so annoying to partially cause the exodus of an entire community page plus keeping people from releasing their source code...

Think of all the missed community opportunities and achievements because of the ignorance of a few individuals that simply don't know when to keep their mouth shut.

In the words of Ashley Williams: "What A Waste !" 
Venture Online PlayTest 2019 [idtech]

(click the image to watch the youtube video)

ClientSide Online Playtest connected to a Dedicated Server testing fully operational FirstPerson and ThirdPerson Views and Animations replicated across the Network/Internet with the new hybrid idtech4 engine.
MCS 2018 Online CTF Multiplayer with Bots

"Development on the project keeps going strong as two major components for MCS have been successfully merged and implemented.

Bots in MCS now fully cooperate with the recently added CTF gametype and in combination with the mod's netcode optimizations, players now finally will be able to experience thrilling new butter-smooth clientside gameplay completely independent of the current Doom3 online player-base-count."

Okay now you start posting completely unrelated videos (again in my thread)... but being the the nice guy that I am I'll give you 24 hours to explain how posting a video showcasing smartphone touch controls, contributes to the discussion of being able to be competitive on an Android device against PC players in CrossPlatform adversarial Doom3 multiplayer.

Failing to do so will result in the deletion of your unrelated posts in this thread (even at the risk of you starting/creating another like titled thread, being the troll and crybaby that you are leading to further fragmentation of these forums but that shall be Friar's problem and not mine)
Quote from: motorsep on April 17, 2018, 01:37:12 PM
I am being sarcastic..

Never fails to amuse seeing motorstep desperately trying to call something "Sarcasm" after having been called out on the bullshit he posts, devoid of even the slightest clue what sarcasm actually means...

... one could get tempted to ask "how stupid one can be" but he'd probably take that question as a challenge...  :))
QuoteAfter having showcased native Android Doom3 CrossPlatform Multiplayer footage some blonde punk kids started flapping their gums about how one would never
be competitive on a mobile phone with touch controls vs PC MasterRace enemy Players on the same multiplayer Server...

So to shut those punk kids up, here some footage of a fully wireless/bluetooth enabled Mouse & Keyboard controlled native Android Doom3 gameplay...

MCS PVE Double Barrel Shotgun Showcase @ "Monorail Sykbridge"

Showcasing the freshly implemented Double Barrel Shotgun at one of the few previously missing Doom3 Story Campaign maps which are now fully coop multiplayer compatible in MCS...

id Tech 4 Textures / Re: Night/thermal vision technique
September 18, 2017, 03:35:10 PM
Quote from: The Happy Friar on September 14, 2017, 09:34:42 PM
Oneofthe8devils did that in his Predator mod I believe.
Worth checking out.

You mean Bladeghost... I wasn't involved in any of his mods.