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id Tech 4 Models and Animations / Blender 2.7.x MD5 exporter
« on: January 17, 2018, 03:43:53 PM »
Just found it in the web. I'm going to check how it works in a few days.

Good luck with your mod! Don't hesitate to show us any WIP screens too if there'd be anything worth posting.

I think that general mod development tips should work here. Write down all your ideas (if you haven't already), focus on those that can be done quickly and without (too much) effort, then move on to harder things that'll take longer to implement. I'm not really experienced when it comes to multiplayer mods, as I've been always more into asset creation/singleplayer side of things. You may try to get in touch with creator of Mars City Security mod, a lot of great work was put into it and you may receive a great deal of information about engine's netcode, or how it's development began.

Having to make a .pk4 all the time whenever you make a smallest change in files is really tedious, so unzipping them will be a time saver in the long run. There should be no issues with running the game/mod on unzipped files, and you'll have a bit easier access to everything.

A full list of useful commands can be found on idDevNet (sadly, pages dedicated to Quake 4 are no longer available, Wayback machine could be used to retrieve some information). Here's a direct link to commands page: Making Doom 3 Mods: Useful Commands (luckily Doom 3 pages are still there!).

Sorry fot a bit late reply, things move slowly around here.

This may be caused by the Steam version, but I haven't done much Quake 4 modding so I'm not your best bet when it comes to solving this issue. I could check if the error occurs on a cd version if you wish.

id Tech 4 Discussion / Re: Why so few uses of Id Tech 4?
« on: November 15, 2017, 06:31:11 PM »
This place would be almost dead without those quarrels shaking it up... Can't you guys just get it over with already? It's been a few years since BFG engine release, even more so since GPL. At this point, everyone should be happy that it works at all and still have fun with just fiddling with this old tech! Arguments won't change anything. Well, maybe they'll make the atmosphere here more toxic, I can feel that the amount of salt here is approximately four times bigger than the one of Dead Sea!

The engine is not really used by independent developers, because there are better and easier engines out there. Majority of them are artists, that's why things should be greatly simplified. Large studios may consider it a relic of past. But guess what, large studios don't care about UE4 or Unity, or other miraculous engines available for everyone (unless they try to sell it) as well. Large studios have invested too much time, effort and money in their own technology. Now, with that in mind we can say that only hobbyists, or Doom 3 modders that are experienced with the engine remain. Once in a while some looney with idea for a great game on this old engine appears, gets fed up quickly with obscurity of the engine or toxicity of this place, and leaves. This is a normal thing for any existing game engine.

Anyone is entitled to use anything they want (as long as it's legal) to develop their projects. If an indie team insists on using Doom 3 engine, then it's their decision and nobody should care. Were should provide technical information to help such a team work instead.

id Tech 4 Discussion / Re: Why so few uses of Id Tech 4?
« on: November 14, 2017, 05:29:00 PM »
I worked with different engines - Build, GoldSrc, Source, Darkplaces, ioquake3, UE4, id Tech 4 (GPL, BFG and their forks), mostly for personal projects, prototypes or learning purposes. I do it for fun, and will continue with it.

The problem of nothing released along with the engine could be fixed in a rather simple way. There were many modders back in the day, many resources were available, as well as information on how to do different things. With release of the engine, it could be as easy as simply getting it all together, but that for some reason never happened.

University is slowing down progress of my development base right now, but once I'll find enough time, I'll improve it significantly, then work on a version for fhdoom/GPL.

I don't care what anyone is using for development, projects, design, rocket science or even quantum physics in their spare time. It's their right to be stuck in the past, use ancient or modern technology or anything they want. People are still using Quake and Doom deriative engines!

If someone wants to live under a rock, I don't pry it off their back nor take a sit on it just to add some weight. Stopping every time I see a caveman, or to stare in awe at wonders of modern technology would only slow me down. My solution to every problem is to act. Do something, improve and fix until the problem is gone - just keep doing your thing, and don't bother with others.

Content for Games/etc. / Re: Storm Engine 2 Development Base
« on: October 19, 2017, 04:49:50 PM »
I'm busy with university stuff, and college seems to be a motivational roadblock for some reason. I intended mostly to make a prototype, or at least make it work. And well... it works! I'll have to add a player model in the future.

Video of the base pack would wait until at least Saturday, and it's not really much to show. Simple dev textures (like, 128x128), fire particle, a skybox and a level that mixes them. It's not really a visual pack, it rather focuses on functionality - you've got entity defs right there, with everything set up for you to make assets.

What I'll do is make some beginner level tutorials for working with the engine once I'll have more time.

Content for Games/etc. / Storm Engine 2 Development Base
« on: October 19, 2017, 12:45:44 PM »
I hastily made some simple assets, defs, materials and a basic level to create a quickstart base for anyone willing to try Storm Engine 2. It lacks a player model, but there's a workaround I described in it's readme. Letting those files simply rot on my hard drive would be pointless, even if no one is going to use it.

id Tech 4 Scripting / Re: How to activate ragdoll after spawning?
« on: October 10, 2017, 04:06:48 AM »
Maybe try to spawn it using testModel command?

Check The DarkMod wiki, Doom 3 and Quake 4 SDK, Modwiki.

These sites have all kinds of information about Doom 3 editing. It'll help you with asset creation and show how to identify some problems.

There is a workaround for md5 importing. You can use Noesis (a model viewer and converter for a whole lot of formats) and export md5 into different format, which can be imported to Blender. I found that UE .psk works well, except for skeleton being rotated. .iqm works too if you have Blender importer, but there may be other issues with skeleton. .fbx won't work though and won't give you no mesh nor skeleton. You can try experimenting with other formats supported by it.

id Tech 4 Textures / Re: BIMAGE Format
« on: September 19, 2017, 06:50:39 AM »
BFG engine binarizes most assets for faster reading automatically. Guess that they added their textures to mod, ran it to get .bimage and shipped them with mods. I have no idea how to reverse the binarizing process to get back .tga files. One could try porting the code responsible for reading them.

id Tech 4 Engine Coding / Re: Messing with Storm Engine 2
« on: September 13, 2017, 11:35:19 AM »
After a long hiatus I came back to mess with the engine. Found another bug - when running, engine crashes when stamina falls down to some level. Not sure if this is related to HUD or stamina code, or something unrelated. Using RMB or LMB also leads to crashes, but I blame it on my makeshift, crude scripts that were made only to run the engine.

Strutt your stuff! / Re: STROGG - A prequel to Quake2/4 in IDT4 (?)
« on: September 11, 2017, 03:16:28 AM »
I'm busy with University stuff as well. There weren't any performance problems with BFG as far as I know. It was less accepted due to being harder to mod.

Changes in BFG (it's also Carmack's code, I think he was still with id at the time):

  • Updated OpenGL core profile
  • GLSL shaders instead of antiquated ARB
  • Tech 5-like multithreading
  • Tech 5 file system
  • Flash main menus and hud

There might be more changes, but they weren't that big and affecting performance. BFG forks can currently run on any platform, BFG was even released for consoles, and with right amount of coding it also supports VR.

id Tech 4 Scripting / Re: bugs with maps loading
« on: August 29, 2017, 05:18:04 PM »
Most of the stuff won't work when you simply change directory name, it'd take file path adjusting to get it loading properly. Which directory you've renamed?

Strutt your stuff! / Re: STROGG - A prequel to Quake2/4 in IDT4 (?)
« on: August 21, 2017, 05:12:47 AM »
I guess that you can get those ideas done in any of the engine forks, even stock GPL ones. But if you plan to have large open maps, then you'll have to make a lot of optimisations to get it running. Renderer is not suited for that. I'm still yet to check VkDoom's performance, but I'll do it next week due to schedule changes.

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