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This is about quake4.

I have made changes to the code so it does compile in MS Visual Studio 2015 and I get a dll.
So it looks like it should all work, but it does not. The dll that i create is not loaded by the game.

I want to make a Multiplayer Mod (I know it is dead, but I don't care).
If I make any changes on the game and start a Multiplayer Server from with in the game Menu, i get the Error Message that reads:
This mod is for singleplayer only

If I delete a few files and revalidate via steam it works again (sometimes, if does not damage the fake cd-key in the process).
Again, I want to state, that this is Error Message is not from any of my dlls.

I don't remember quake4 making so much troubles 10 years ago, is it the steam version ?
I would really much appreciate, if someone could give me a few pointers on how to get a own mod working.
This is very frustrating and not at all worthy of anyone's time, so I want to avoid this issue in the future.
The Compiling of the code and the actual changes to the code, are not the problem for me at this time.
I am not sure if this is the right section, to post this in.

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