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Will any of new Beth games use idtech 5 ?

Started by motorsep, October 14, 2014, 11:07:29 AM

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So based on WIKI's info, there are 3 games that are powered by idTech 5. RAGE, WolfTNO and The Evil Within. All 3 already out.

Does anyone have any info if there will be more games using idTech 5 or was it just one of those JC's visions that just didn't materialize well?


I don't know of any other idTech 5 games in development and I wouldn't hold your breath for any either.  I can't see many dev's comparing the feasibility of Cryengine or UE4 against idTech 5 and choosing idTech 5.  I'm curious to see what id does with idTech 6 for Doom though.  It'll be interesting to see how much of a departure from 5 it is.


I was wondering the same. I really want to see what is going on with idtech6. Is it just a tweaked 5, or did they break the mold again? Did they go back to the old style 'live' renderer?

I'm interested to see what direction they went in.


Main CryEngine guy is now leading the development of idTech 6, so I would expect something spectacular :)



The Evil within, but on a modified version of 5.
Wolfenstein the new order and old blood.
Evil within 2, but its now called stem engine, still based on 5 though.