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id Tech 4 Engine Coding / Re: rbdoom3bfg with editors
« Last post by anonreclaimer on May 25, 2018, 10:37:01 PM »
Ah, sweet! Much appreciated.

Do you think you can also provide a Win64 build when you are done? I'd like to spread the word on my twitter and facebook about your fork   :)

Maybe I'm missing it, but the readme on the GitHub page mentions an installer.  Is there one of do I need to download & compile the code?

Motorsep, I'm still working on DOOMBFGVR and it needs a bit more work but I'm going to push another commit soon but I should have a bin available for you soon.

My RBDOOM3BFG build has almost all the editors working but AF and the Material editor are broken. I'm going to push a commit soon that adds geometry shaders with the AF editor. Also, I'm thinking of ways of expanding the culling system and adding compute shaders to the pipeline.

Note: These instructions are for the vs2015 compiler so I don't know if these builds will compile nicely for vs2017.

To compile the RBDOOM3BFG and my RBDOOM3BFG build
1.Start cmake and bake a solution file don't forgive to check USE_MFC_TOOLS.
2.Add _AFXDLL and ID_ALLOW_TOOLS to both idlib and RBDOOM3BFG preprocessor.
3.Then add /MD to the command line for both idlib and RBDOOM3BFG (you change runtime if you want too, I'm just lazy so I rather override it)
4.Also Cmake sometimes never adds tools to the project so you have to do it yourself
5. Finally build and hope it doesn't fail..
Bonus: Don't forget to add 4005 and 4996 to disable specific warnings to keep the compiler quiet...
Content for Games/etc. / Re: Sharing My Music / SFX - Over 1200 Tracks
« Last post by Eric Matyas on May 24, 2018, 09:10:44 AM »
Happy Thursday Everyone,

This week's new music tracks are:

"Riding Sky Waves"
on the Events/Travel 2 page

"Arcade Madness" (Looping)
on the Funny 5 page

"The Bit Builders" (Looping)
on the Chiptunes 2 page

And I've created a bunch of brand new sound effects that might come in handy for home/apartment interiors:

SFX - Household

id Tech 4 Level Editing / Re: Texture browser alternative
« Last post by silverjoel on May 24, 2018, 01:13:00 AM »
A new version of DarkRadiant was just released that allows for a favorite texture group.  That may be something that would help you out.
id Tech 4 Level Editing / Re: Texture browser alternative
« Last post by The Happy Friar on May 23, 2018, 09:55:48 PM »
Another thing that doesn't help is the fact that the texture browser shows the list of all textures, if I want to see the texture I have to click on it first, then it shows in the "recently used" tab, where I can actually see what texture I'm picking.
What are you using to edit D3 maps?  In D3Edit, in the Textures/Media tab, you can list the texture folders.  If you double click on a FOLDER (not an image) then click the "Textures" tab it will list all the textures that were in that folder.
That's how Radiant has handled it for quite a few versions.
Content for Games/etc. / Re: Building a Library of Images for Everyone
« Last post by Eric Matyas on May 22, 2018, 05:43:20 AM »
Happy Tuesday everyone,

I've uploaded a bunch of new corroded metal'll find them here:

TXR - Metal

I've also started a brand new page for abstract images. It's here:

TXR - Abstract

And stay tuned for new sound effects and music tracks coming on Thursday on my other thread.

In the meantime, have a good week!
id Tech 4 Level Editing / Re: Texture browser alternative
« Last post by LDAsh on May 22, 2018, 01:29:27 AM »
There's no software alternative that would be directly compatible with any Radiants, but I've been trying the same thing and here's my method, although it's for a completely different project.  This will only work for simple MTRs that contain a header and an editor image.

I take all the editor JPGs and rename every file to prefix their folders into the filename, and put them all together into 1 folder, then I start to categorise them into what they actually are, based on (real-world) materials and features, such as 'crates_wood' and 'crates_metal', etc.  Importantly, I need to keep the original subfolders in these new categories, but luckily Radiant can handle fairly long headers with a deep folder structure, at least as much as I need it to.

Once that's all done, I remove the prefixes in the filenames with a script so to return their original filenames.  The only reason for doing it that way is to keep track of which subfolders they belong to when they are all lumped together into 1 folder and I'm categorising them out.

Now I can make an index of all these files to turn the results into a text file, which can then be MTR files, just a list of headers.  This is where Grep will come in handy, to take a simple list of headers and place the correct structure underneath to give it an editor image, or in my case just the "diffusemap" line, with the curly brackets on the lines above and below, so a list of headers becomes one big MTR file.  I need to manually split this file into separate MTRs, but that's not so difficult since it's all alphabetised.

Once that's done, I simply do a search/replace operation to remove the "categories" from the prefix of every "diffusemap" line (so as to not affect the header) and I'm left with MTR scripts that have headers based on categories, but still uses the original file and location of the editor image, so I don't end up with another copy of the image for every category version.

So now in Radiant, I have all the originals but I also have extra "zzz_category" folders underneath, where mappers will be able to find what they're looking for based on substance and feature, instead of the original location and filename, which isn't often very intuitive.  All that's required is to run a script on the .MAP file to remove the category prefix from the headers and return it to the original header before compiling/exporting.  I don't find that Radiant takes so much longer to load or anything, and more importantly the size didn't increase by more than half a MB.

id Tech 4 Level Editing / Texture browser alternative
« Last post by Cyber8 on May 21, 2018, 03:56:42 PM »
Hey there,
As much as I don't have any trouble making geometry for the map, i sure find texturing to be very annoying. Mainly due to the fact that textures in Doom 3 are not very categorised.
For textures you mainly have few folders named walls/floor/ceiling/(specific stage), and that's it. Another thing that doesn't help is the fact that the texture browser shows the list of all textures, if I want to see the texture I have to click on it first, then it shows in the "recently used" tab, where I can actually see what texture I'm picking.

Is there any way/setting, to make texturing a lot easier? I thought of making my own folders and segregate textures myself, but what can be done with texture browser, so it displays textures like in recent tab?
Strutt your stuff! / Re: Hand's viewmodel
« Last post by motorsep on May 21, 2018, 11:11:15 AM »
If you use Doom 3 fork with soft shadows (shadowmapping), polycount shouldn't matter. It only matters when you use stencil shadows.
Strutt your stuff! / Re: Hand's viewmodel
« Last post by bitterman on May 21, 2018, 10:35:13 AM »
id Tech 4 Engine Coding / Re: Classic RBDoom 3BFG
« Last post by EmoLevelDesigner on May 20, 2018, 09:21:15 AM »
Some bugs I've noticed:

Can't read .pda files from mod's newpdas folder;
Shadows sometimes show black and white copy of the screen instead of actual shadows (map on the screenshots is Artifact Valley by Psimorph;
Sky looks very pixelated;
Failed saving settings to profile (rare bug, only happened once);
Vertical stripe in Classic Doom (map on the screenshots is e1m8b - Tech Gone Bad by John Romero).
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