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id Tech 4 Needs Help / Re: "setup" needed for script debugger ?
« Last post by Delgadonut on April 11, 2018, 06:17:32 AM »
Thank you so much for setting it up. It's very useful to me. It helped me a lot.
id Tech 4 Discussion / Re: Doom 3: Fallen Angel
« Last post by Delgadonut on April 11, 2018, 06:16:17 AM »
It's a very fun game. I really like It was very helpful to me.
Content for Games/etc. / Re: Sharing My Music / SFX - Over 1200 Tracks
« Last post by Eric Matyas on April 11, 2018, 06:02:58 AM »
I had a very busy weekend...(shot another film)...but I managed to get a few new tracks done for everyone:

On the City/Urban 2 page, we have:
"Our Block" (looping)

On the Chiptunes page:
"Rockin' Pong" (looping)

And for aerial videos (or perhaps other things) we have:
on my Nature/Science 2 page.

Have a great week!
id Tech 4 WIP / Re: idLiquid
« Last post by MrC on April 10, 2018, 09:24:00 PM »
Yea that's what I meant. Like things we would have followed as a community with id's once open nature, we never really got to see as they transitioned into whatever it is now (meaning no offence). Classic coke and the new recipe.

Wow, I hope this reply makes sense in the morning.  O0
id Tech 4 WIP / Re: idLiquid
« Last post by The Happy Friar on April 10, 2018, 08:52:48 PM »
I was always under the impression that the D3 engine was always a WIP engine & D3 was just the first game released under it. 

Quake 1/2 GPL engines do something similar with water that D3 does here.  it works on all existing water too, it's pretty cool.  You can also have water interact with objected too.  Makes me think D3 could have this done too.
id Tech 4 WIP / Re: idLiquid
« Last post by MrC on April 10, 2018, 07:01:19 PM »
It's fhdoom, it's a bit buggy but I really dig it. Afaik this should work in vanilla though.


Misc contains the usual spawning, saving etc... but also has idLiquid::Event_Touch. In the Prey SDK these functions have been expanded upon to allow player interaction, among other things. As you pointed out most of it is commented out. But the simulation and visual element works. It's solid so the player can Jesus walk on it so it's best left in areas where the player won't be able to interact with it.

I noticed TDM has taken to use MD3 to achieve a similar result which is probably faster anyway. Still though, I wasn't sure if anyone else has played around with this, it's pretty cool how many things (including Megatexture) were put into D3 for later use, and discovering them is like finding some hidden gems - or I don't know, maybe I'm just going off the rails here.
id Tech 4 WIP / Re: idLiquid
« Last post by The Happy Friar on April 10, 2018, 02:17:35 PM »
that stock doom 3?  I remember there being an idliquid entity but it was never used in d3. 

it's in misc.cpp but everything is commented out it looks like! :)
id Tech 4 WIP / idLiquid
« Last post by MrC on April 10, 2018, 08:22:29 AM »
Howdy folks,

Not sure if this is the right place to post this but... I've been toying with idLiquid lately and wanted to show some progress so far and see if anyone else might know any more tricks regarding this little hidden gem (well it was for me anyway).

Credits go to Human Head as it was within Prey that I found the basis for the idLiquid model entity, which is basically just an text file with various properties, as with the def files (modified versions found below).

A breakdown of what you're seeing and to try this yourself...

entityDef test_liquid512x512 {
   "inherit"               "idLiquid"
   "editor_color"            "0 .5 .8"
   "editor_mins"            "0 0 -24"
   "editor_maxs"            "512 512 24"
   "mins"                  "0 0 -24"
   "maxs"                  "512 512 4"
   "model"                  "liquids/test_liquid.liquid"


size_x         512
size_y         512
verts_x         32
verts_y         32
liquid_type      1
density         1
drop_height      10
drop_radius      6
drop_delay      8000
update_rate      20
seed         22
shader      textures/rock/greenrocks2_lavascroll   

I think that's everything, "density" needs to be 1 or else the liquid will ripple but come to a stand still, I'm not even sure if everything actually does anything but it's what's there so far, play round and see what you can come up with and if anyone has any more information on this please share.
id Tech 4 Level Editing / Re: Light isn't syncing with sound
« Last post by The Happy Friar on April 09, 2018, 09:51:19 PM »
a script or FX might be what you're looking for in the linking of things together.  Although it might be easier to use a target entity to link to all the lights & trigger that via script.
id Tech 4 Level Editing / Re: Light isn't syncing with sound
« Last post by silverjoel on April 09, 2018, 03:14:09 PM »
Thanks for the reply.  I'm more than familiar with the iddev site.

I'm not looking for screen shake, I'm just trying to get the light intensity to fade with the sound (dark in soft sound and bright in loud sound).  It works, but as I said it's not in sync (some louder parts of the sound are dark and some softer parts are light, but it seems like the pattern is there, the sound and light just seems like they started/loaded at different times).  Maybe it's because I'm using a longer ambient sound.  I think I'll try to edit the sound down to just the "zap" (it's an electric sound) and have it randomly play and see if it gives me what I'm looking for.

In a related question, is there any way to link multiple lights together (not through a trigger linking all of the lights)?  As in, if the master light is off, the other lights are off.  Similar to the "team" value for doors where if one door opens, it triggers the other doors to open.
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