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id Tech 4 Engine Coding / Re: rbdoom3bfg with editors
« Last post by MrC on Today at 08:32:38 PM »
I haven't run into anything like that and have also updated to what I believe are the latest drivers from NVidia.

Operating System:   Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit
DirectX version:   12.0
GPU processor:      GeForce GTX 670
Driver version:      391.35

There is some shadow popping but nothing like in that shot. As for the popping, for example the first ramp going up on The Edge 2.

I did have severe performance with SSAO, it was dropping my FPS down to 15FPS in some places where there wasn't even much happening, no characters on screen, etc..

Once that was disabled performance shot back up and held steady.

I also tried r_usescissor 0, r_useportals 0, r_showtris 3, and r_forceambient 1. And with the whole map visible at times, still maintained a solid 60FPS (I have it set to 60 instead of 120). Did this for several settings to just try and break and crash the engine but it held up pretty darn well. I also play at 1080.

On a side note, drawing the whole map and using r_forceambient 1 makes me wonder what base performance would be like if lightmapping was ever added. But I think this is a topic that's been covered once or twice around here ;)

Anyway I hope anything I provided here helps and if you want me to try anything specific please let me know and thanks again, keep up the great work!

id Tech 4 Engine Coding / Re: rbdoom3bfg with editors
« Last post by anonreclaimer on Today at 01:05:50 PM »
MrC do you experience any problems with shadows from that build? I believe I'm experiencing a graphics driver bug because my code seems to be sound. I thought I broke it because of replacing the old GL matrix functions with rendermatrix functions...
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Content for Games/etc. / Re: Sharing My Music / SFX - Over 1200 Tracks
« Last post by Eric Matyas on April 18, 2018, 07:46:29 AM »
Greetings Everyone,

I have a bunch of new free tracks that need good homes in your projects:

On the Puzzle Music 3 page:
"Puzzling Curiosities" (looping)

On the Sci-Fi 6 page:
"Machine Chatter Among the Outer Moons" (looping)

On the Positive/Upbeat page:
"Town Square" (looping)
"Happy Endings"

On the Drama 2 page, we have:
"The Inspector's Epiphany" (looping)

Intended for aerial videos, we have:
"Circling the Barn"
on my Quiet 2 page

I try to release at least one new track each day. For daily updates, be sure to follow me here:

Have a good week!
id Tech 4 Engine Coding / Re: rbdoom3bfg with editors
« Last post by MrC on April 17, 2018, 08:17:33 PM »
id Tech 4 Engine Coding / Re: rbdoom3bfg with editors
« Last post by anonreclaimer on April 17, 2018, 04:51:51 PM »
That's awesome! Is there a precompiled bin available for download?

Here's a copy of an executable version of the engine. It's plug n play, so as you have a RBdoom3BFG lastest build it should work.
I am not sure that a decade ago you could have mp d3 on a handheld device w/ it looking like d3 (lighting and all).
Ha!   Thats awesome.  :)

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id Tech 4 Engine Coding / Re: rbdoom3bfg with editors
« Last post by motorsep on April 16, 2018, 10:46:33 PM »
Hey guys, I made a public branch of the rbdoom3bfg engine with some changes to the render, framework, and even adding back the editors which are from the strom engine 2. There are a few bugs in the render with static volume stencil shadows right now, and some bugs with radiant when it comes to switching from editor and game. I just wanna thank Motorsep and RobertBeckebans for there contributions to the doom 3 community.

Finally !!! If it works well, good job! :)

Now RBDoom3BFG needs soft particles, fix for particle bounds and a few other things from Storm Engine 2, and it will be a totally awesome complete Doom 3 BFG engine

After that Doom 3 BFG VR fork needs to get all these goodies and hopefully new era of modding will begin.
Ha!   Thats awesome.  :)
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