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id Tech 4 Discussion / DOOM3&ROE no error patch
« on: October 22, 2017, 05:56:27 AM »
i try to add monsters from Quake4 & Prey in Doom3-Roe..  for learning how scripts are working , i remove errors / warnings of maps...
doom3 maps do not have a lot but Roe is more buggy...doom3 maps do not have a lot but Roe is more buggy...
here is a topic in a forum about this :

as i have solved nearly all errors , i made a 7z files having corrected files and all maps recompiled .
the link to the file is
the 3 txt files that are also in the exe , are the console log files .
there are warning left , some are like false positives , few others are about bugs in models.. i am not able to correct them yet as i do not know a model editor able to import/export md5mesh correctly .

i hope to ear your opinion about it and get last corrected files .

id Tech 4 Discussion / asking & making a good "post" for handling idtech4...
« on: September 22, 2017, 03:56:01 PM »
that is more than a month that i started to create my "mod" ... O0 ... O:-) the thing i can say , for someone coming from half-life world , is that engine is quite hard to handle... and requires more ultraedit than any other tool

it is hard mostly because there are a lot of scripts that interact and because understanding how they interact is very hard...the only thing that has tutorials is the "editor" that is not so able to do or explain a lot the doom engine .
plus it has some error messages that are very short and not really pointing in the right direction..
for example , in map phobos2 of roe , when you load the map , the console shows a warning about an arcade_capture message :
WARNING: file <implicit file>, line 2: unknown token 'arcade_capture'
 that is in a def or snd file where all arcade_* elements are listed with corresponding sound when player games an old arcade box .... by using /* & */ or // ...i finally found that the error is in gamessd.gui  [by now i replaced the gui by an other one until i have time to fix ]...that has no arcade_capture reference inside...
when you know the above ....errors like this one is even harder to track and solve..WARNING: file <implicit file>, line 2: unknown token '5.'

so i would like to read what files are used and loaded by the game ... i think of something like the map being compiled by dmap , that has some references that the game find in script files : def , ma , snd... plus some files for models : lwo...and textures : tga , dds...
the tga can serve directly or some can have the name finished by "local" "s" and few others to be used for bump map ...

the animated models have def files , few md5mesh and a lot of md5anim
some tools like blender or very old maya can be used for modeling them .

and this one i just found

from what i recently discovered , blender can only export md5mesh , it is able to import md5mesh but the plugin is for previous version ... with maya , i did not found how to import models : i hope to get help , i got maya 7 freshly installed on a xp
one software looks able to handle models without troubles : fragmotion ...

i hope some member like motorsep to share their knowledge and tools in this "post" that should cover all steps with the right working tools
the ultimate goal of this post is also to produce an error free doom3 / roe for modders...
for roe , that needs also the rework of the gamex86.dll ...

id Tech 4 Needs Help / "setup" needed for script debugger ?
« on: September 13, 2017, 01:47:22 AM »
when i type the command debugger in the console , i only get a short message about it being disabled...
what should i do to enable it ?
is there a topic showing its use ?

id Tech 4 Needs Help / how i can spawn models in map ?
« on: September 08, 2017, 03:27:07 PM »
i want to check if models are looking good and if they are having the right size i would like to spawn them in game...
what are the commands and where i should store files...?

i already tested noesis that is quite good ...but it does not show textures and anims ...
i launched quake4 that has a model viewer [it crashes a lot with win7 x64...[ i plan to reinstall xp to retry it because it seems to load the textures...]] do you know a similar tool that displays well the md5 models and is able to save all files out of the game  :P ?

id Tech 4 Needs Help / removing doom3 errors....
« on: September 07, 2017, 04:10:21 AM »
i try to make something reusing some of the doom3+roe maps :  >:D  ^-^
by now i selected all maps and spotted places where to add monsters ...i also started to remove all warnings showing at map loading ....
this is not an easy job as there are a lot of scripts per map , for example :
WARNING: Couldn't load image: textures/cave/cavsolarmap
is linked to a "bug" in a model that loads a .ma script [maya file]

as i play with roe engine , there are few errors like :
WARNING: Unknown weapon 'weapon_chainsaw'
WARNING: Unknown weapon 'weapon_soulcube'
that are in map made for doom3 , these warnings , like the others about health with models in anims , like :
WARNING: entity 'erebus1_cinematic_imp_1' doesn't have health set
should not need "correction"

beside files not able to load..there are also errors in models :
WARNING: Unknown joint 'body' in '*hips body body2 origin SPINNER ' for model'monster_hunter_berzerk'
WARNING: Unknown joint 'body2' in '*hips body body2 origin SPINNER ' for model 'monster_hunter_berzerk'

WARNING: idAF::Load: articulated figure 'monster_hunter_helltime' for entity 'erebus2_cinematic_hunter1' at (-8512 2056 -396) has no modified animation 'af_pose'
WARNING: idAF::Load: articulated figure 'monster_hunter_helltime' for entity 'erebus2_cinematic_hunterdeath' at (-8512 2056 -408) has no modified animation'af_pose'
WARNING: idAF::Load: articulated figure 'monster_hunter_helltime' for entity 'monster_hunter_helltime' at (-8512 2064 -392) has no modified animation 'af_pose'

i hope we will also find "what 's best" for errors like :
WARNING: Couldn't load image: _emptyname

i post the full list in the following post , i reworked around 30 maps , if we solve a lot of errors , i ll check the maps i discarded and then will make a stand-alone pack for removing warnings of doom3-roe .

[may be some bugs are removed in the bfg edition ...if someone knows an editor for this released..]

id Tech 4 Scripting / bugs with maps loading
« on: August 29, 2017, 04:21:47 PM »
i create a mod that reuses original maps of doom3 & roe ; by now i was doing my "mix & tests" in the d3xp folder .
yesterday after having recompiled maps to change their order , i changed the folder name to road2hell..but then the maps are no more correctly loading ..

if i use the new name then console stops with this error message , instead of loading entities :

Entering doom_main()
Exiting doom_main()
Spawning entities
--------- Game Map Shutdown ----------
ERROR: Function 'map_erebus1::main' not found in script for 'call' key on worldspawn
]condump erebus1_road2hell
Dumped console text to erebus1_road2hell.txt.

what are the files i have to edit for the correct loading ?

id Tech 4 Needs Help / Doom3 : The Road Too Hell
« on: August 25, 2017, 06:13:10 AM »
i hope you love the title...
i made the first step of my doom3roe monsters remix a la mode Quake4 .. i selected maps and their order ;'] Hurrah  :'( >:D O0

so that means i am searching a tool to edit the changelevel of maps [ without recompiling them ] , i search something like a bspeditor for half-life that allows to only edit the text parts of map having the triggers and other texts...

i want to do that first , so i ll test and work maps to monsters level , while some new members could rework some parts of maps : like the endings or the power of lights for the game to be less darkly than the original or more Quake ..  :o ??? ;)
using editors and recompilations .

id Tech 4 Discussion / prey & doom3 : same two missing files ..
« on: August 19, 2017, 08:24:38 AM »
i saw that in the console these days :

it is a bug i spotted before with the one & only prey... so i reported the bug :    :P
something i found is that you can get the files in the pak000.pk4\glprogs\ of roe [ d3xp folder]

i attach the files

with QUAKE4 the cheat notarget makes stroggs not shouting at me.. that is nice to see them all going in the ambush of the first meeting point .
doom3 & prey console says ok but monsters attack me ...
is there a command to display current player position either , or else in console or display  O:-)

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