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Re: BladeYautja
« on: October 20, 2014, 11:12:27 PM »
Thanks Friar, I agree with most of it as I like the jewel cases better as a personal preference really. both could be made.
and other stuff.  all good fun!

on another note I posted on my moddb page a question about a patch for the mod and game.

I'll just repost that here to read Thanks.

For a MOD patch (game patch) or whatever, that wouldn't take too long to make and fix up
 where possible as the engine still has some limitations and such, if I can do it I'll tell ya.

what I'd like is some suggestions and feedback on what could be done for a patch for the mod
 and hear what people liked and did not.

some things soon would be
 raise player health and armor to a higher amount.
 and add ammo pickups in some of the maps.

for a patch I like to hear what others say.
 and I 'll see what can be done.

for now I'd consider this a demo and not finished yet.
 then after I can put it into the standalone version as well.
 also consider since it's a's moddable ya know.
 I just don't want this left in a mediocre state of completion.
 so let me know and Thanks Everyone!