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Hi! it's nice to see a new forum for the idtech4 community

Started by BielBdeLuna, October 16, 2014, 11:13:19 PM

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Hi! I'm Biel Bestué de Luna, I was a casual in d3w, I went by the name 7318 back then.

I created the hl2 like portalsky and ported to dhewm3 and to BFG
I added a pain wheel as well as a compass to dhewm3
ported the cubemap and reflection map from dhewm3 to BFG
ported the "skip cinematic" to BFG

I'm glad to see the old buddies from d3w in this new community and I'm looking forward to help grow the community back and even more from whatever it was back then. so... hi

douglas quaid

Welcome man, this new forum is building up a bit of momentum now and it's good to see more D3W heads poping up again. :D
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