Author Topic: Doom 3 BFG game tips ))  (Read 979 times)

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Doom 3 BFG game tips ))
« on: July 20, 2016, 07:31:26 AM »
From the depths of the english.lang (may be someone still don't know):

Code: [Select]
"#str_loadtip_0" "Try to dodge Revenant rockets by quickly running behind cover."
"#str_loadtip_1" "Having a tough time getting past a certain part of a level?  Try saving manually (from the Pause menu) to retain incremental progess."
"#str_loadtip_2" "Use the Grabber to deflect enemy projectiles back at them."
"#str_loadtip_3" "The Shotgun does greater damage at closer distances.  One shot will take out most enemies at very close range."
"#str_loadtip_4" "The BFG-9000 is devastatingly powerful when the shot is fully charged."
"#str_loadtip_5" "Running low on health, armor or ammunition?  Try exploring the environment for stashes."
"#str_loadtip_6" "Conserve your flashlight for when you truly need it.  You don’t want to run out of power mid fight."
"#str_loadtip_7" "Switch your weapons every now and then to save ammo for a weapon that could be useful later on. "
"#str_loadtip_8" "You can warm up the chaingun by tapping on the fire button lightly."
"#str_loadtip_9" "Try banking grenades around corners to kill enemies waiting in ambush."
"#str_loadtip_10" "Grenades explode on impact, so throw them at the feet of enemies who are charging for a quick kill."
"#str_loadtip_11" "Armor decreases the amount of damage you take, but is less effective with each hit."
"#str_loadtip_12" "The splash damage from weapons like the rocket launcher and grenades damage you as well as your opponents – avoid use in close range."
"#str_loadtip_13" "Wall-mounted health stations can be found in most levels."
"#str_loadtip_14" "Smaller enemies can be picked up with the Grabber.  Grab and throw them for an instant kill."
"#str_loadtip_15" "The Soulcube kills its target instantly.  It also restores the player’s health."
"#str_loadtip_16" "Smaller enemies are weak, but harder to hit. Use spread weapons like the Machine Gun to take them out quickly."
"#str_loadtip_17" "Explosive barrels make great weapons.  Fire at them when enemies are nearby."
"#str_loadtip_18" "PDAs have weapon storage security codes and other useful hints in them. Make sure to look through all emails and audio logs."
"#str_loadtip_19" "Some bosses are immune to normal damage.  Observe their attack patterns to try to find their weak spot."
"#str_loadtip_20" "Punching an opponent in multiplayer also steals their weapon."
"#str_loadtip_21" "Some weapons take longer to reload than others, but do more damage. Gauge your situation carefully."
"#str_loadtip_22" "Some enemy projectiles can be destroyed in mid-air.  Use this to your advantage."
"#str_loadtip_23" "Enemies can take damage from other enemy attacks.  Save your ammunition and have them do your dirty work."
"#str_loadtip_24" "The Grabber can be used to retrieve items from hard to reach places."
"#str_loadtip_25" "Explosive barrels can be devastating to enemies, but also to you. Shoot wisely and be aware of the environment around you."


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Re: Doom 3 BFG game tips ))
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2016, 03:51:20 PM »
First one's a bit obvious, but what it should say is run towards the Revenant while dodging his rockets. At the same time attacking him to kill him faster and to avoid his missiles altogether.
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