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The Happy Friar:
Md5 Tools:

* 3DMax Import/Export (thanks Bladeghost):
* Blender 2.4x - 2.6x, 3DMa, GMax, XSI Import/Export (from Katsbits):
* XReal MD5 Exporter (allows multiple animation export at once and choice of start/end frames for each anim):
* Blender 2.63 MD5 OpenTech Engine Exporter: (updated link)

* 3DMax Export 2016 (thanks MrC):;topicseen#newASE Tools:
* Blender 2.76 ASE Import
* Blender 2.80 ASE/LWO export:

* Katsbits:
* Brian Trepanier (THE video tutorials on how to make custom models for D3 tech): you have others, post in the thread and I'll add them.

Does anyone know of any Maya md5 exporters?  I've just gotten ahold of Maya 2012, but haven't been able to turn up an exporter yet.

I found this ...
it might work?

I wonder if Greebo can build for 2012 / 2013 / 2014 / 2015 ?

The Zbuffer maya MD5 exporter does work with Maya, confirmed. Maya ASE exporter from zbuffer also works, but I am uncertain whether exporting vertex colors works atm.


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