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I read the dev site about exporting model meshes for the game. As well as animation.

I want to add a animated model into a map, will this replace an existing character? Or an actual custom should be fine, I think so.

As for exporting into md5, I tried using blender 2.63 with the export from the kats site. It doesn't work.

Reminds me a little of the ASE file and GTKradiant for a game like elite force. Not that an example file work for me at all that is. But yes, that file only worked in that format once everything was connected.

As for texturing, I'd have to load the textures I have used and place them in a textures folder in the Doom 3 folder. I've changed one of four so that isn't a problem, since they are all uv mapped.

Thank you.

I just read on a topic at the bottom of this section, that there is an up to date mesh and animation export available for version 2.76.

From what I read, they both must be exported seperately? And the amount of bones making up a skeleton should be a handful or can ten be used for example?

Well I have sixteen bones, and I added the whole skeleton with Add in the MD5 window area, and I then tried individually, they both have errors, and that was with selecting the object which is parented to the skeleton.

For anyone who has used Blender, would you like to try and get the animated enemy working in the game.

For anyone who can use Blender, please try and get this mesh problem sorted, working for Doom 3. I'm no good with this.

Thank you.


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