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I've picked up working on my doom3 mod since 5 years.. so i've gotten a bit rusty. Glad i've found this forum though. Very unfortunate what happened to D3W though :-[

Anyway, i have a custom model which i need a simpler collision model for. I've checked the game files and theres .cm files for various moveable objects.
As far as i remember you had to create a brush inside the Radiant and could export it as .cm file. But everytime i try that, it doesn't do anything.

Hope anyone can help me. Thanks.

The Happy Friar:
just tried.  i made a cube, applied the collision texture, then selection - export - to CM.  Did't seem to matter what model format I chose, always saved as a .cm.  I had to save in to my doom 3 folder for it to save & if it added .cm for me.  opening the file they were collision model files, not ASE or LWO files.
I could export a .OBJ to my desktop but not a cm file. 

Thank you.. exporting it to the doom3 folder worked. Interesting, that it doesnt work outside the base path.

Unfortunately i've ran into the next issue, i have an .ASE as static model and want to use it as a moveable. Therefore i need a simpler model for collision.
I've looked into the moveables .def file but i think the models from id come with a collision model built in?

Thank you for your help

The Happy Friar:
a quick looks leaves me clueless how they're used, but i remember using them before.  I'll have to experiment with some.

Thank you.. your help is much appreciated.

If you open one of ids .cm files it has a header which points to the model file. Not sure if that does anything though.


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