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AR-15 test model I'm working with

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The Happy Friar:
my goal is to make the weapon more "real", so I've been messing with some code, script, & model setup's to achieve that.
currently the weapon is setup so that when you start with it, you're not to accurate, but once you hit the target X times (forget how many), you become more accurate. the idea being the more the player practices @ the range, the better they get.
currently there is no "fire by the hip" option because that's not how I shoot, so it seems unrealistic when trying to hit a target.I might make one where you're just holding the firearm, but you can still pull the trigger & fire to the side.

It reminded me the hit maps in Q4:

Perhaps source code from Q4 can help for your research.

Can you show the model?

The Happy Friar:
what specific you want to see of the model?  It's not my model, it's a really low poly test model I got from blenderartists.

The Happy Friar:
issue i'm having now is that the bullet doesn't have slowdown so i can't get the bullet to drop properly.  :)


--- Quote from: The Happy Friar on August 09, 2019, 09:31:07 PM ---what specific you want to see of the model?
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For better motivation, I suppose :)

--- Quote ---you're not to accurate
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Are you used 'launchFromBarrel" feature and few animations with shaking gun for that purpose?



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