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Import from The Thing (game created by Computer Artwork in 2002)

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Resources from that game looks like binaries with "ARTWORK" signature and have .msh, .skn and .sgh file extensions.

Animation have an .an format.

Can't find any information about this formats. This is probably not gmesh because that plugin in Blender can not open .msh.

On youtube I seen only few videos from VirusPunk where the engine runs with level editor, but no more info about that.

Any suggestion?


hmm the .msh is most likely a mesh file like used in orbiter, the .skn one seems to a 3D body mesh skin data file like used in the sims.
Could try to see if you can open them with the tools from either.

Might also be from photoshop

I belive this is not Orbiter stuff.

Perhaps this is proprietary format used by Computer Artworks British company.

This game based on Evolva engine but I can't find any info, sources or manuals about this engine.

There is few mods on moddb but they don't contained any custom models (only textures/sounds etc).

.msh, .geo, .sgh and animation .an in HEX.

Find helpful resource:

--- Quote ---
Orbiter Space Flight Simulator    MSH
Orion Engine v1 (The Stalin Subway; The Stalin Subway: The Red Veil)       MSH

RF Online      MSH

Shadow Man     MSH

Star Wars: Battlefront   MSH

Thang Online     MSH

The Thing    MSH
--- End quote ---


...but still not working :(

It work with ver. 7.0.

Don't found npc models yet. But found weapons.


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