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Started by bitterman, November 20, 2018, 09:27:47 PM

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Whoever put it there should have foresaw that eventually it will go down. Gotta use Google for everything - if Google goes down, it means the end of the digital world  ::)

The Happy Friar

Who ever started the rumer that nothing in the internet is never gone started the biggest tech lie of all time.  :)
I messaged caedes on twitter asking about it.


Don't worry, I asked kordex (who runs the server) about it, it's just a server migration and should be back in the next days.

Furthermore, the whole content of modwiki is mirrored at if you really want to view it *now* you could run gitit locally with that data.
You could also clone that git repo so you have a local backup just in case Github gets shut down and kordex and me both get run over by a bus or something like that.

Oh yeah, while I'm here: I have a dhewm3 release candidate that needs testing:
You might also be interested in the dhewm3 SDK which allows creating Mods for/porting Mods to dhewm3: (yes, the code still needs to be under GPL, no, old mod DLLs still won't work, they need to be ported to the new SDK and recompiled)
Some old Mods are already ported: Classic Doom III, HardQore2 and DentonMod.
There's also a new version of Ruiner (now called Rivensin) which is dhewm3 exclusive:


Thanks for the information!

Watch out for buses! ;)


"This Is The End Of The World As We Know it" ta-ta-tada ;)


Modwiki is now available at

I hope we can install an automatic redirection from the URLs to the new ones in the future
We have a redirect now


Looks like this site and is unable to open with older browsers (e.g. Mozilla 43.0).

Before crash it was possible. Now it opens just as empty page.


probably the new server uses a newer kind of HTTPS encryption.

why are you using an outdated firefox version?

UPDATE: According to even Firefox 31 should work - weird. Are you on WinXP? (though they claim that Firefox 49 on WinXP should work).


Quote from: caedes on December 29, 2018, 05:01:49 PM
why are you using an outdated firefox version?

Because it was worked until now.

Thanks, caedes. I updated FF to 52 and it works again.


That's good to hear!

Keeping Firefox up to date is a good idea generally, not only because of new features and incompatibilities with new websites, but also because the updates contain security updates.