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Welcome to the id Tech Forums!

Started by The Happy Friar, May 19, 2014, 12:32:36 PM

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The Happy Friar

Hey, welcome Bladeghost!  Nice to see you here.  Keep those Blade Yautja updates a'comming.  :)


I thought I'd register to keep an eye on what people are making :)

Good to see a new fresh lick of paint on the community.

Thanks for setting it all up Friar.

The Happy Friar

It's nice to see the other half of North America being represented here.    :stroggbanana:

EDIT: Still in Toronto?


Yup still am!

Things are very quiet now, so I'll probably go ahead and pick up where we were about a year ago and get on with doing some of those tutorials we spoke about!

I'm off to the south of France end of July to help a studio out with some stuff for 4 months, so I won't get much stuff done then. But right now I can do stuff.

We should discuss what you want to have to start building a nice up to date, high standard way of delivering tutorials/information.

My technical knowledge of idtech has slipped as I haven't used it a lot for anything deep, but I am sure I can scrounge up a enough info to make solid entry level tutorials, and maybe some good design stuff too.


Hello, I'm also checking in.  I'll even be releasing a mod soon :)


Well, the loss of D3W sucks badly, I was really hoping for the best, but I don't know what to think right now.
So yeah, just passing by the forums, hopefully this will grow bigger!!

The Happy Friar

The forum is growing, 15 members now!  Even some spammers judging by the names!   :armadillo:


Hello guys old Doom3World member, found this after looking for news about the old forum, is nice to see you guys trying to resurrect the community, rock on.   :) 

Sir Blackington

By spammers I hope ur not refering to me, also I have a new found respect for u gaming with amd on linux

The Happy Friar

No, check out the members list:
There are some users with names like "Jfhovtnzw".  Could be legit, could be fake.  Could be someone just wanting an account so they can view the forums and download attachments.  Could be a pink horse.   :magicpony:


So D3W won't be coming back then?  That's a shame.

The Happy Friar

It's looking less likely every day, but stranger things have happens... HL2 was released, for example.  :)



Good to see some familiar names.  Will do my part to inform people from our team.

Is there an option for a portal or 'recently posted' type look?  Even if it's a user option.  I often used the old main page to see what was a current hot topic.  Just preferences, nothing that can't be adjusted to though.


Never mind, found it at the bottom to some degree!

The Happy Friar

Yup, down at the bottom of the forum listing is a recent posts link, up top right under your name is a "show unread posts since last visit" and "show new replies to your posts". 



Hello everybody!

Found this forum when searching for news about D3W.

Great to see this forum created! nice job Mr Friar.